31 Oct – 6 Nov 2017 “Pray with real intent”


“Our Heavenly Father is a just God” 24th – 30th October 2017

Hi Bishop and Mum, Mo fefe hake? fefe hake ae Mailangi famili? Thank you for emailing me and keeping me updated on everything that has happened this past week and especially sending photos in i love see everyone!! How is the 3 F’s (family prayer, scripture study and family home evening) ?

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Before the baptism
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After the baptism
Well what a week it was this week, I don’t even know where to start maybe i will start with Wednesday we had some fellow shippers with us which was good (the ward here are so diligent in working with missionaries always asking when are we available!! I hope Eastlake’s are doing the same for the missionaries at home) but it was good I really see the blessings of working hand in hand with the ward!! This week we have had some really good lessons and man just seeing the Lord work in the lives of our brothers and sisters here in Ilagan is crazy. Just seeing one go from drinking or smoking each day not really having a perspective in life to coming to church each Sunday and finding real joy is just crazy, I am so blessed to be able to see and experience each of it. Something I will never take for granted!! On saturday we had our baptisms i am blessed to have witnessed two of my brothers and sisters enter in the waters of baptism and honestly can say it was the Lord’s timing for each of them. Sister Filma has been a on/off investigator for 5 years the only thing that was holding her back before was her marriage. The first day I met her was my first lesson here in Ilagan, I thought from the lesson we had she was already a member and it wasn’t till Sister Mafi told me she wasn’t but fast forward till now I have seen how much the Lord has worked in her life and just seeing her change for the better, she is now focusing on the Eternal Goal of the temple so we’re working hard with her!!
 My little Brother Xander man what a story he had for his baptism, He is the oldest of 3, both his parents live over seas and are separated so he stays with his grandmother who is less active.  He was taught before and maybe because of transfers the teachings stopped, so we met him and the first time I met him he said sister I want to be baptised!! We taught him and had good lessons and then he was interviewed from our district leader and he failed it because he was so shy to speak and answer (when i heard that i just wanted to paai him haha) But with alot of prayers and fasting we reviewed and reviewed with him and he passed his second interview just before his baptism!! It was such a beautiful Day and the best thing was there testimonies, it was just a simple pure testimony that got me a little teary (but of course i didnt cry lol) but its was so spirit felt!!!
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with our Zone Leaders
Later that day we went and taught a less active family. The mother we visit weekly in hoping it would help her come back to church but we never really visit at night until she asked us to so we could meet her husband who is also less active. So we did as she asked and as I entered I asked saan si tatay (where is dad) and she whispered to me his drunk in the room. So we just taught our recent convert, their son and nanay and at the end of lesson I walked up to tay and said can we have family prayer tay and he said I would love too. I honestly can say that it was one for the books, if i would finish my mission now with just having that family prayer I would be so happy. I can’t explain the feelings of which I felt but i know without a doubt it was from the Holy Ghost!! We called the kids who were there (their about 20-30 now) and all just kneeled down in sincere prayer. I don’t know when was the last time they had prayed as a family but I do know the power of family prayer because of that night!! After the prayer nanay probably said thank you 100 times to us before we exited the door and I couldn’t stop thinking of how blessed I was to experience family prayer every day!!! Thank you bishop and mum for teaching me and this family this important principle, that has imprinted in my heart!!
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Nanay made lunch it was Boh!
With a crazy week, I have been just been spiritually drained just having new rules from mission tour ( 30 contacts a day, 30 lessons a week, 100 baptisms a year) I feel like if I can’t complete it I am a fail and it is hard I wont lie but I know its only for the better these new changes so it just requires obedience and faith!!
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My favourite kid here
If there is one quick principle I would love to share is that our loving Heavenly Father is a JUST god and that he loves each one of us equally, sometimes I think man its scaring coming across a just God but then like Elder Jefferey R Holland had shared “it is more scary to face a unjust god” I know if we sin there are consequences but always and without a doubt there is mercy because he is a merciful God we ALWAYS have a way to return and live with him, and that I am so grateful for!!
This kids is the same age as Anthony and has the same birthday (sai ke tau ilo!)
Pisope and Mum I love you. I thank you for your hard work as parents. I hope it is not repetitive to you but I am truly grateful for each of your sacrifices. Thank you for putting the Lord first in your life and then putting us (my siblings and i) after, I truly am grateful for you both!! When times get rough or I am a little discouraged I always think of the sacrifices the lord has made for me and the sacrifices you both have made for me to be where I am now!! The person I am today is because of you both!!
I miss and love you both so much!!!!
Please continue to PRAY everyday, protect our family by following the Prophets counsel and READING the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY and please keep the Sabbath Day Holy, the promises await if we are willing to work out our salvation and exaltation.
ps please say hi and send my ofas to my beautiful grandparents in tonga i truly do miss them!!
Before the Baptism
After the Baptism :

16th – 23rd Oct 2017 “Importantly is feeling and recognizing when the spirit is not there”

Kumusta po kayo mga magulang ko? kumusta po ang araw po ninyo? Mo fefe hake? fefe hake he ahoni? Fefe hake ae famili mailangi? well first off all i just wanted to say thank thank for everything. I received  the box that Aunty Betty sent on Friday, when we went to the mission home!! Thank you so much Aunty Betty I really am thankful. Everything I needed was in the box. No need to send another box I have everything I need now. How is your family prayers, family scripture studies and family home evening?

“my box from Aunty Betty” shedding a few tears of gratitude

Well this week went so fast, we were super busy!! Last Monday the mission portal shut down the whole day. So lucky we worked in the morning we were able to email at night so thats why you both received a late message. On Tuesday we went to a area that we don’t really go to because hala ha paanga and its pretty far so we went and were able to teach and help those of our brothers and sisters in that area. On Wednesday we were privileged to have members work with us, so the day went super fast helping find new souls and also visiting those who are less-active. On Thursday another busy day with a lot of new appointments, then on Friday we had Mission Tour with the area presidency and his wife Elder and Sister Bowen man they had such good talks and I was privileged to listen and receive counsel from each of them that whole week end because we had stake conference and they were the guests!!

my shoes….People use to always say hey your shoes are talking and i would say (in my brain of course) hey you cant speak english haha

I just wanted to share what stood out to me from Elder Bowen at the missionary tour. So our Prepare to Learn was all on the Abrahamic covenant, The house of Israel, the Oath and the Covenant of the Priesthood and the baptismal covenant, so all the topics that for me are just so deep haha but its was good I learnt alot and his purpose was for us to learn who we are and how we can act accordingly. Such a blessing talaga to come to know where we came from what we are meant to be doing as missionaries. He taught  the Abrahamic Covenant and The house of Israel so I learnt alot. Something that stood out to me was the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, I never really knew the importance of the priesthood and the covenant that our brethren make. So it is found in D&C 84:33-41 and man I really want to press on those who hold the Priesthood in our family bishop and Ami, please read and ponder on these verses and ask yourselves what am I doing right now that is helping me keep the covenant I have made with the lord? I promise as you come to know your purpose you will know how to act accordingly. Sister Bowen said for a Priesthood holder to show his love for his kids, he must love his wife!!!

with one of our families..
On the weekend we had a great Stake Conference. I really liked what Elder Bowen spoke on Saturday about feeling the spirit but he said most importantly is feeling and recognizing when the spirit is not there, too many times in my life i have tried to recognize when it is there (which is still important) but i never really wanted to recognize when it wasn’t there, so that was a key point that stood out to me and i really liked what he said that the person who takes the most out from these conferences are the ones prepared for it, having questions ready is key we can’t expect answers if there are no questions!!
the dress Aunty Ana bought me

Some things are hitting home with Christmas coming near and everyone going on holidays to be with their families and just the talk of it also haha but its good, i really do miss you guys sometimes I doze off in the thought of you all and just thinking i wonder what there doing today haha but just know you are always in my thoughts and prayers, continue to do whats important for our family and that is the spiritual things!!! thank you bishop and mum for each of your hard work every day I love you all so much!!!!




my favourite baby 🙂DSC00164

9th – 16th Oct 2017 “Do you love diamonds or the Book of Mormon?”

Malo e lelei my beautiful parents, mo fefe hake? malo aupito emaili kau au!! i always love hearing and reading your emails and you both are always the first i reply too! How is the H-O-M-E? how is our family prayer, scripture study and family home evening? How are you both like really how are you both feeling?

Well I am saddened with everything going on at home and the amount of funerals that have happened but i am also so happy that they are now at rest in the spirit world and are free from the worldly troubles!! Please send my condolences please to each of there families!!
my C wall 🙂
Well this week was a good week!! We find some new potential investigators and had some really good lessons. This week it has been raining and then sunny and then raining again so its been all over the place so we have been wet from top to bottom literally haha!! Well this week as we know we had the General Conference and what a conference that was!!! I can honestly say it was the first time in my whole life I was literally counting the days till conference haha i was so excited to just hear the new messages and revelations!!
The whole conference were filled with such good talks and I was able to learn a lot but I just wanted to share 3 things that stood out to me!! First the talk given by Russell. M. Nelson about the Book of Mormon man his question about “Do you love diamonds or the book of Mormon? and for the first time I could honestly answer the Book of Mormon!! and it made me think of the time I was at home and if there were a flood or fire what would be the first thing I would run to get my phone or the Book of Mormon? Being on the mission I have really come to love the Book of Mormon and all the teachings that I have been able to receive, I truly testify it does have power and I really encourage you all to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon it really is our weapon in todays life!!
Second is a quote from Sister Jean B Bingham where she shared “Make Time and Take Time” the world today is in a rush, its all about rushing, 4 week diets (rush), how can you complete this in 2 days etc etc we need to first make time for things that count SPIRITUAL THINGS ETERNAL THINGS and then TAKE TIME in doing so, allowing the spirit to abide in the spiritual things that the spirit can stay!! I wish I was better at making time and taking time for these PRECIOUS things but we need to stand out of the world and make changes for these things- Spiritual Things!!
 My Last one was from the last speaker Elder Neil.L.Anderson who said one thing that stood out to me “the test is what you do after the General Conference” it stood out to me because I can always remember myself judging the people in Noah’s time and thinking if only they had listened to him they could of been saved by the flood, just like us now we have living prophet and apostles who constantly guide us each day and if we don’t heed to there words and take actions we too wont be saved by the “flood”. Its good to listen to General Conference but it is better to take HEED and take ACTION, to the words, I know as we do so the promise is true that we will be able to be saved from the floods of the world and the temptations of satan. I know its hard and it truly is but it was never was meant to be easy. The miracle always follows the trial of faith it is never first!! I know this because I too have gone through a few of my own here on the mission and I have seen his promised blessing!!
my new district
Bishop Mailangi and my Beautiful Mother don’t give up on the spiritual things, don’t let satan tempt you that these spiritual things  is not needed in this life because it is more then needed!! Don’t be stressed just do your part and let the lord take the rest, i know you both will be busy this month so just lean on him and pray to him he is our loving-loving heavenly father he knows each of your hearts!!! My father once taught me “not to worry or stress because there is a loving heavenly father who watches over me” and I know He does watch over you both!!
Nana Manaligod shes always saying “anak are you hungry come home and eat” haha
I love you both so much I am truly thankful for your hard work each and everyday I am truly blessed because of each of you- I don’t think you both know how much you have blessed and are still blessing my life!!