9th – 16th Oct 2017 “Do you love diamonds or the Book of Mormon?”

Malo e lelei my beautiful parents, mo fefe hake? malo aupito emaili kau au!! i always love hearing and reading your emails and you both are always the first i reply too! How is the H-O-M-E? how is our family prayer, scripture study and family home evening? How are you both like really how are you both feeling?

Well I am saddened with everything going on at home and the amount of funerals that have happened but i am also so happy that they are now at rest in the spirit world and are free from the worldly troubles!! Please send my condolences please to each of there families!!
my C wall 🙂
Well this week was a good week!! We find some new potential investigators and had some really good lessons. This week it has been raining and then sunny and then raining again so its been all over the place so we have been wet from top to bottom literally haha!! Well this week as we know we had the General Conference and what a conference that was!!! I can honestly say it was the first time in my whole life I was literally counting the days till conference haha i was so excited to just hear the new messages and revelations!!
The whole conference were filled with such good talks and I was able to learn a lot but I just wanted to share 3 things that stood out to me!! First the talk given by Russell. M. Nelson about the Book of Mormon man his question about “Do you love diamonds or the book of Mormon? and for the first time I could honestly answer the Book of Mormon!! and it made me think of the time I was at home and if there were a flood or fire what would be the first thing I would run to get my phone or the Book of Mormon? Being on the mission I have really come to love the Book of Mormon and all the teachings that I have been able to receive, I truly testify it does have power and I really encourage you all to read, ponder and pray about the Book of Mormon it really is our weapon in todays life!!
Second is a quote from Sister Jean B Bingham where she shared “Make Time and Take Time” the world today is in a rush, its all about rushing, 4 week diets (rush), how can you complete this in 2 days etc etc we need to first make time for things that count SPIRITUAL THINGS ETERNAL THINGS and then TAKE TIME in doing so, allowing the spirit to abide in the spiritual things that the spirit can stay!! I wish I was better at making time and taking time for these PRECIOUS things but we need to stand out of the world and make changes for these things- Spiritual Things!!
 My Last one was from the last speaker Elder Neil.L.Anderson who said one thing that stood out to me “the test is what you do after the General Conference” it stood out to me because I can always remember myself judging the people in Noah’s time and thinking if only they had listened to him they could of been saved by the flood, just like us now we have living prophet and apostles who constantly guide us each day and if we don’t heed to there words and take actions we too wont be saved by the “flood”. Its good to listen to General Conference but it is better to take HEED and take ACTION, to the words, I know as we do so the promise is true that we will be able to be saved from the floods of the world and the temptations of satan. I know its hard and it truly is but it was never was meant to be easy. The miracle always follows the trial of faith it is never first!! I know this because I too have gone through a few of my own here on the mission and I have seen his promised blessing!!
my new district
Bishop Mailangi and my Beautiful Mother don’t give up on the spiritual things, don’t let satan tempt you that these spiritual things  is not needed in this life because it is more then needed!! Don’t be stressed just do your part and let the lord take the rest, i know you both will be busy this month so just lean on him and pray to him he is our loving-loving heavenly father he knows each of your hearts!!! My father once taught me “not to worry or stress because there is a loving heavenly father who watches over me” and I know He does watch over you both!!
Nana Manaligod shes always saying “anak are you hungry come home and eat” haha
I love you both so much I am truly thankful for your hard work each and everyday I am truly blessed because of each of you- I don’t think you both know how much you have blessed and are still blessing my life!!

2nd – 8th October 2017 “Sister Mailangi the lord has called you to a special calling”

Fefe Hake e eku fa’e mo Pisope!! Fefe hake e famili mailangi? malo aupito emaili kau au!! fie fie aupito that everyone is A-OK!! fefe hake ho 3 F’s (family prayer, family scripture study mo family home evening)

Last night with my toko Sis Mafi before transfers
DSC00064 (1)
Well what a week this was, so on Tuesday after district meeting we found out our transfer lists and found out that Sister Mafi was transferring and that I was training a new missionary!! Man I really didn’t believe it, first because i was leaving my tokoua Sister Mafi and second because there was no way I was ready to train someone with where I am at right now with the language and just with missionary work. I really didn’t feel ready!! So on the way home after we found out the news the assistant to the president called me and said words i probably will never forget “Sister Mailangi the lord has called you to a special calling” and just hearing those words made it a little easier on the doubts!! Because i am in Ilagan it would mean that i would have to travel to Cauayan so that Wednesday Morning i am already near by the mission home for the trainers workshop. So i didnt have enough time to really talk and say bye to my tokoua, as soon as we came back from the district meeting we were running around to say bye to members and then i packed and left, honestly when i hugged her i wanted to cry haha because man she reminded me so much of home and just like having a older sister (really big older sister haha) so yep i travelled by myself at night to Cauayan which was the first time and I didn’t even know where i was going but man satan was real, on the bus was playing a movie and so i took out my Book of Mormon to read and then they turned the lights off, so all i did was look outside but yep the temptation was real!!
My package from Aunty Ana and Uncle Tuai
Anyways met the sister I was training, her name is Sister Distrito, she is 24 yrs old and from Bacolod she looks like she’s 16 haha but shes heaps mad!! We went to the mission office and I went to get everyones pouches and then I received a package and I was like oryep they found out they could send packages (sorry i lied I just didnt want everyone sending stuff and wasting money lol) so I read the package and it was from Uncle Tuai and Aunty Ana!!! It was filled with snacks and clothes and money!!!! talk about timing with the money because I was brokeeeee but honestly when i received it i was just so thankful for the support and love from each of them!! Please send me there email, so i can email each of them to say thank you!!! so so blessed man!!
But other then that this week has been crazy, President Hiatt really emphasized the importance of trainers and how they set the tone for this missionary’s life. He gave examples of how apostles now still say “I remember my trainer”, and how we set the tone of obedience and everything that this missionary will become!! So this week I’ve really been trying to be on top with obedience just to not only fulfill my role as a trainer but as a missionary!! So I received counsel from Aunty Ana in the letter she had in the box to be exactly obedient with the little things like waking up at 6:30 not 6:32 and it really helped motivate me as well!! But everything is good, I’m still trying to help my companion to adjust smoothly into the work and just to always put myself in her shoes, but she is really good!!! I made her keke vai for dinner last night just to initiate her in the tongan way haha.
I am good Pisope and mum, wont lie I was missing the toko my first two days without her but its okay now haha she asked to take the blue nautica bag to transfer so I don’t know if it will come back or not haha but its alright just a bag!! How is everything at home!! This upcoming week is General Conference for us here in the Philippines so just a reminder family as much as food is important for the breaks in between sessions, it is more important to spiritual prepare ourselves for general conference that our ears and heart will be ready to accept the new counsel!!
Please say happy birthday to those in October i know my namesakes, sii, misi, enoch’s birthday this coming month so i dont want to forget!!!
Thank you for your hard work mum and bishop each and everyday I really am thankful and blessed by your hard work daily!!! Just know that you are always in my prayers and thoughts daily!! Continue to pray, scripture study and complete family home evening!!! THOSE ARE THINGS THAT COUNT!!!


“Wither shall I go…after the manner which I shall show thee” 19th – 25th Sep 2017

Hi Bishop and Mum, mo fefe hake? how is everything at home? thank you for emailing me this week i received all the photos and the one of nana and bishop  haha hoii!! How is the family 3 P’s? how is the ward?

Zone conference
Anyways this week was a good week!!! we were able to have zone conference this week, and i was strengthened and edified from President and Sister Hiatt!! They touched a lot on repentance and doing things in the lords way not the worlds way!! Something that stood out for me at zone conference that i want to share with you both is found in 1 Nephi 17. This is the time Nephi is commanded to build a ship so that he and his family can travel to the promised land!!  Nephi had never built something so big before better yet a ship, but when he was given the commandment to do it, in verse 7-8 he said “Wither shall I go.” and thats how we should be in all the commandments we are given “Wither shall I go” Sometimes we don’t know why or how but we just do it, and not do it in the worlds way but in the lords way, as said in verse 7 “after the manner which i shall show thee”!! Being a missionary every month in zone conference there is always things changing in methods of contacting, in rules and for me i really don’t care why it changed you just do it and this last zone conference was a great reminder for me who’s work i am doing. This is literally his work I am just an instrument. I don’t have power to change peoples hearts that is the Holy Ghost. I just deliver the message-his message!! So whatever President or Sister Hiatt tells me to do it is not just them telling me but it is the lord and this is his way!!! So yes you can say it was a really good zone conference!!
This week was a really busy week, with zone conference on, family week activity which we attended with our whole ward and stake (it is a yearly family activity that every stake in the Philippines do) and with a primary baptism on so busy busy but it was good!!
Ward Family Activty
I have been good I wont lie sometimes it is hard because I cant remember peoples names (yep i am my dads daughter haha) my companions patience with my tongan is at a good -0 now haha. We’re still trying when we’re bothered!! I had an experience yesterday at WCM I was speaking tagalog then i saw a YSA rep mocking my tagalog honestly in my head i was like speak english yeah you cant but i just humbled myself and kept carrying on in my broken tagalog haha but yeah i need to work on my tagalog and stop trying to focus on speaking tongan because as much as i want to the lord wants me to get my tagalog first for the use of saving souls here!!!
DSC00026 (1)
A member bought dirty icecream (thats the name of the ice cream)
Well it is transfer week this week, my companion and i have been doing our lotu that we have another cycle together haha but i doubt because she has been in this area for more then 5 months now, but we will see!! At the moment we are both broke but loving it because were both simply just kai whatever!! everytime i try and start a diet the members always give us junk and fizzy drinks (because its cheaper then water here) so i give up haha!! BUT I AM GOOD 🙂
DSC00029 (1)
my favourite place to be
I miss you guys so much and i know you guys are safe, thank you for both your hard work each and everyday for our family!! Always remember it doesn’t matter how much money you get, it matters how much spirit is in the home!! I love you both so much!!!
please say ofa lahi atu to nana and papa please!!

“And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and difficult” 12th – 18th Sep 2017



Our new t-shirts (thats probably why we’re broke)

This week was a really good week in the service of the Lord!! We were able to have some really good lessons and experience some miracles also!! Our investigators with a baptismal date have been really well, we have been helping each of them strengthen there faith and build there testimony!! We were able to meet with a family last week. We just met the mum and she invited to teach herself and her husband. It was so good just to really sit down and teach a family (because here in the Philippines it is also just the mum’s home and the dads “never have time”). She was a referral from a ward member and since we have met them they have come to church 2 Sunday’s in a row. It really goes to show the effectiveness of members helping the missionaries!! We had one day this week where we had this meal pancit 3 times in one day man my stomach was langa (aching) and everytime someone went to offer I said “it was okay we just had a meal already” but e eku hoa (my companion) man she kept saying yes so they would make me a plate too haha but yeah lets just say i am never eating pancit again!!


He reminds me of aunty rinas Nela 🙂

We also visited the furthest area in our boundary it is probably San Souci to home and after a long day of walking around that area we had to walk back as there were no tricycle’s or jeepni’s. We got told the next day by a member that he saw us walking and that there was a big accident on the road we were just walking on and he advised us to not walk too late again in that area (like we had a choice) It was just a crazy reminder how much the Lord guides his servants and just his timing for us!!! All in all this week was a really good week filled with alot of trials and blessings 🙂


This week in my personal study I am finally up to 3 Nephi and I was reading over 3 Nephi 3:14-15, this is when the nephites and lamanites joined in arm to defend themselves against the Gadianton robbers , so there captain (forgot the name sorry) told them to strengthen there fortifications around and in verse 15 he declared repentence to them, these scripture verses stood out to me because he didnt just ask them to prepare themselves physically but also spiritually!! There was a quote once given by Elder Dallin. H. Oaks he said ” And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and difficult ” and i am so guilty of that!!! Being on the mission i have really come to know the importance of spiritual things and how much I can help others prioritise the spiritual things in life!! Example when there’s ward conference or general conference whats the first thing people think of oh what are we going to eat after the session instead of what should we do to prepare our minds and spirit for the conference its these things that we can do better and help prepare ourselves both physical and most importantly spiritually!!


That’s really all from me. This week is going to be a busy week we have Zone Conference on Wednesday and then a family week activity with our ward on Saturday (they have a family week activity for the ward every year) so we’re pretty excited for it and hoping our investigators are able to attend!!  My companion is good, of course just feed her and shes okay haha but man she was heaps angry at me because of my tongan one of our activity’s for CLS is to write words in tongan from A-Z and man i realised how hut my tongan is and she got angry at me haha she was like if we weren’t missionaries I would taai you right now haha wehhhh As for me i am good I’m always good! I had an experience earlier this morning, I was just feeling a little overwhelmed then I took off my watch because my wrist was itching and I went to look at the back of it and saw a name which read Melesisi Hopoate. I never saw it at the back before, today was the first time i saw it and it was a great reminder of who I am serving too.


Service Project Before


Service Project After

I love and miss you guys heaps but i know you both are well, thank you for your hard work for this family it never goes unnoticed please never forget that!! You are not just preparing us now but for the future. I am so thankful I was raised up in a home with a gospel foundation, that is the greatest love you could have ever show me!!! Please look after yourselves and take care always!!