5th June – 12th June Real Intent

What another blessing this week has been for me, it has been all over the place with just how things were scheduled i had to work with my kabahays (roommates) for a day and a half because my trainer had to go to a career workshop because she finishes July 2nd (which is probably the same time as Sister Pauu) and then i had splits with our STL’s on thursday so everythings has just been everywhere but of course it has been a blessing.

So tuesday and Wednesday i worked with the San Gaberial Ward Sisters (kabahays) and man it was sobrang mainit 45-47c and where there area is, its hard to get tricycle’s so walking was the transport for me that day!! but working with them was really good to just experience the different ways of how people teach and to meet the people they teach also. One of those teachings that was a highlight for me was at a farm (first farm ive been to here) with one of there investigators they hadn’t visited since HTBT with them, and it was such a spiritual lesson as we were about to leave the mum invited us for her husbands birthday on saturday and at our surprise she asked for fhe, and we were like of course we dont know how she knew about family home evening but we knew that the lord truly did prepare her for us to meet her that day!! i also was privileged enough to pick mangos of a tree that there ward mission leader owned and then we ate it ahhh it was so BOH!!! i just sat there and ate about 3 green mangos sobrang masarap talaga! So on thursday i had splits with our STL’s in there area and it was hectic just to be able to see what we can improve on in PMG mastery and also our contacting as our President wants us to Testify as we contact and i have really seen the blessings of that teaching we were able to put that work into action on friday in our own area and was able to set up alot of appointments which was hecticcc, such a big difference testifying as we contact and not just contacting 🙂 But yeah when having splits all but one lesson got punted so we put into action the new way of contacting and we saw blessings straight away, we were able to meet one girl who has always desired to know of what mormons are but she hadnt yet met missionaries, so it was hectic to be able to share with her our prupose and what the gospel has that can not only bless her family now but eternally!!

But yeah thats pretty much the stands out from this week, but in my studies i really learnt ALOT!!! something that has stood out for me in my studies was Effective Studying and Real Intent and what it really ment to me and thats what i want to share with you today. What is Real Intent for you? was the question that i read and i came up with the casual answer doing something from your heart, but as i studied this topic it really is more then that and how we can apply it in our everyday life. Real Intent is yes doing something from the heart but also ACTING upon that intent, we can learn this from the example of the prophet Joseph Smith, if it wasnt for his REAL INTENT there would of been no way for this gospel to be restored because he wouldnt of acted upon the teachings of James 1:5-6. So for us are acting upon our real intents or are just going through the motions of life? Real Intent allows us to ask and evaluate ourselves each day Why am i doing this? instead of Why did i do that? As we do things with real intent it will help us prioritize what is more important in our life and also help keep an eternal perspective, it has also helped me to better myself in my preparations as a missionary and to not just go through my studies in the Book of Mormon and Bible but to prayerfully studying with Real Intent!! I know without a doubt as we study our own lives with REAL INTENT we will be blessed with the holy ghost, which will enable us to identify what is that we need to be doing now to better ourselves in our eternal perspectives 🙂 Effective Studying is also on the subject of Real Intent but i am going to email ami and dia more on it.

how has scripture reading been? how is family prayers? how is family home evening? are you guys having it today? HOWS KEEPING THE SABBATH DAY HOLY?  its so good that the work is moving forward in the ward, it will only bless them spiritually and help them keep the Sabbath day holy thank you bishop mailangi for your hand in keeping the sabbath day holy in our ward!! im always forever grateful for your words of comfort each week i always go over it during the week if i need a quick reminder on what i can better work on. But im good here just super hot but thats only a worldly thing. sorry no photos theres no card reader at this computer shop and im spewing because i actually took photos this week zz but its okay next week and also i will send a email to the ward next week. I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH i miss having just little family outings or just having family home evening but i know this is only a short time away from you guys, and dad im only 3 months on the mission not 5 haha but time is moving faster then ever im just really trying to take everything in with my trainer as she leaves in 2 weeks which is crazy fast!! But i LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH thank you for your continuoes hard work each day and i know the schedule will be all of the place now that dad is Bishop but always remember to Put the LORD first in all things!!!


31 May – 4 June 2017 “When you have an eternal perspective no worldly thing is a sacrifice…”

DAD i actually can believe you have been called, i have seen you shape our family and i have seen your dedication in your church callings and just like we need your guidance our ward now needs your guidance!!! dad i dont know what your feeling but im sure you know the feeling is probably kinda of like being a new missionary and being asked to teach a lesson. Dad i just want to tell you whoever the lord qualify’s he also prepares!! You were foreordained before you came here dad and there is a reason why you are called to serve now, and go find that reason dad!!! Man i still cant believe it and your Councillors also are hectic crazy!!! Thank you mum for helping fulfill your role as a mother theres a reason dad is called  and you have been and still are a massive role in that calling mum thank you for your faith and sacrifice to build this family to greater things!!

i dont even want to write anymore because im just so shocked i feel like i cant express what happened this week haha because of this amazing news!!! well i will try to keep it short but this week’s work was so good!! My companion and i were able to #PassOnBrightness a few times this week to people in need of it and honestly it was such a heart filling moment just knowing that we were able to lessen someones burden by something so simple like washing the dishes!! of course there were trials and challenges as well, for the first time this week i experienced a whole full of puntes zzz like the planned lessons and back up lessons it was pretty frustrating i wont lie but then i really got to realize the importance of a companionship we were able to pick each other up whenever we felt down so it was a good experience.  we know the lord is preparing them for another day!! this week was also the first time i fasted a whole 24 hours in my mission (my mission President wants us to do 24 hour fasts and not just 2 meals) i wont lie i was a little scared to do it because how hot it is and just thinking of walking all day but then i thought of my fav scripture 1 Nephi 3:7 and i knew the promise was sure if i just obey the lord will prepare a way and honestly the first time i have ever fasted while doing work and service and not once did i feel the need to drink or eat i was seriously so surprised!!! oh how satan was real that day like we were offered food and drinks everywhere we taught even with people we just contacted (which is the first for me) and my companion and i just looked at each other and smiled haha. on sunday we had 4 investigators come to church and 4 less-actives (our focus for this area) and one returned member which was so good to see, one of the less-actives first time since 2015 so all the members were pretty shocked to see her but we have been working really close with her and her testimony is so strong so hopefully this will be a start for her!! a story from sunday was that we planned to pick up one of our investigators because shes 85 years old so as we got off we saw her already ready which was good and then as we were about to go and she was putting on her shoes, our investigators neice and neighbour came and were like saying why are you forcing her to go?, have you asked her children? you know shes old and cant think for herself? to be honest i didnt even know what was going on but we just explained to them oh nanay wants to go and they were reassured when our investigator said i want to go so they just said to us well if anything happens you both are responsible and with that we went to church, at first i was like that was satans work 100% but the lord always provides a way!!!

thank you for your continue guidance in helping me fulfill my role as a missionary for example helping me not be complacent, im safe and everything is good here the area is hard with no investigators keeping commitments but were working hard, my tagalog is still hut but i know in his time and will i will be able to speak fluent.

i just want to let you know the temptations will be real now and to continue to work hard as a family to do the little things like daily prayer and scripture study these are the most simple things that some people miss but i can testify that these are the things that will draw us nearer to him and be able to fend off satan!! i love you both so much thank you for your continues hard work for this family and you will have a lot of things now to prioritize and just always keep in my mind that ‘When you have an eternal perspective no worldly thing is a sacrifice…”


ps tell nana and papa mailangi i said hello and OFA LAHI ATU

23rd May – 29th May 2017

Malo lelei mum and dad

> Mo fefe hake? how is everyone? how is work? how is the ward?

> Last weeks work was really good i was reminded each day of the Lords timing in all things literally!! so it has been raining here every afternoon like as soon as it hits 2-3pm it rains and when it rains it pours so its been doing heads because in the morning its a good 38c and then by night its still hot but raining and this week ive really been getting the biggest headache which is probably just from the weather change anywayyyysss we went about our morning duties on Tuesday and by the time we finished our first lesson it rained and yep i had no umberalla thinking it wouldn’t rain (lesson learnt lol) and my companion didn’t bring hers also so we said to each other we will just walk in the rain to our next appointment because the house was close.  Instead of going back to our apartment which was so far and then walking back,  we walked in the rain to our less-active’s appointment and what a blessing that lesson was!!! So they are a sealed family who have gone less active since last year the reason i am not sure of and i dont really care because its not for me to know but it was only the mother there with her 5 children and the oldest one being 13 and youngest 11 months, she is a stay at home mother and during the lesson she just broke down and cried she explained to us that her husband has been hitting her (which honestly just boiled my blood i just wanted to put on my mike tyson and pump the dad and i would probably beat him because he is shorter then me lollll) and she was just explaining how hard it has been for her lately her husband not coming home and if he does he is drunk and just her motherly duties are just waying down on her. She depends on his work to make means for them and i just really felt sorry for her as she was explaining this to me. I was comforted knowing that we were there to be able to comfort her and we talked about faith and the importance of not just having faith in him but also his timing for everything and she was so grateful for the lesson we taught but something that hit me the most was at the end of the lesson her son (4 years old) was kinda doing heads because he kept crying during the lesson and it wasnt till after we asked whats wrong and he said gusto ko tubig (i want water) and i was like i will get it and the little boy said we dont have any water, so i grabbed my water bottle and told him to get me a jug (they didnt even have that) so he bought me a cup and as i poured the water in the cup of this 4 year old boy my eyes just filled up with tears just knowing that literally there are people now going without water i had always seen it but i have never experienced it till now, it truly was one for the books!!!!
> anyways after that lesson we caught a tricycle to our next lesson less active family (mind you im still soaking wet lol) this family havent been to church since 2015 theres different reasons why but they havent told me so i dont really believe everyone else anyways we went to teach them and started out with 2, the mum who is now a different religion and the son.  During the lesson the sister returned for work and joined us near to the end of our lesson and as we were about to finish she stopped us and said sisters i would like to share an experience i have had today so she works as a guidance councilor and she said it is very rare to come across members or even mormons at her work and it was the first time she met one earlier that day so she had a quick chat and moved on, she then said during lunch she met one of her old seminary class mates and also had a quick chat and then she said i have met you both tonight (first time meeting her) and she goes to say i know these are signs from the lord and i confirmed to her it truly is and they are signs that he wants you home!! i was just sitting there in amazement just how that day panned out to it could of been so easy to miss those appointments because we could of just went to our apartment to get changed but the lord knew we had to meet those people and comfort them that exact day!! and oh how grateful i am to be able to be an instrument in his hands!! and thats really how my week went i was able to comfort people literally in times of need. We  had a lesson with one of the investigators who’s husband had passed away and comfort her with alma 40:11 just so many other lessons confirmed to me this week that the lord truly does prepare a way and truly does have wisdom in all things!!
That really sums up my week mum and dad, I’m so happy to find out everything at home is going good. Please continue to work hard in doing these simple things they really are the small things to help us not be complacent in this gospel and also help strengthen this eternal family!! I’m so happy to know Uncle Peter is out ahhh so exciting send him my love!! and thank you so much for your emails each week to help me in this work i always print your emails each week and read them when i need both your wisdom during the week!! oh i just remembered i tasted water buffalo (carabao they call it) for the first time with liver and who knows what i thought it was just carabao and it wasn’t till after my companion reckons to tell me that it has liver and the sauce had brains so yep hut guy but i can say that is my first and defs my LAST haha. Aunty lisa and nana and papa hopoate have emailed me this week so happy to hear from them!! Please send my love to nana and papa mailangi i love them both very very much!!
> I love you very much my beautiful parents and thank you so much for your hard work literally every day thank you for waking up every morning (even though your tired) to get up for work and provide for this family i am eternally thankful and indebted to you for your continues love, but im mostly thankful for raising me up in a home founded on the teachings of this gospel thats the greatest love you could have shown me and i share it all the time with each family or investigator i meet that homes are truly blessed when founded on the gospel i am a living breathing example i love you both so much and miss you everyday but i want to let you know i pray for you ALL every chance i get!!
> PS DIA AND LORETTA YOU BOTH LOOK HUT!!! hahaha im dead and sorry mum no photos im not a selfie kinda person lol

16th – 22 May 2017 “Be self reliant”


IMG_2652HOW is family scripture study and prayer? how is the family as a whole? hows work? hows church?


First off i want to THANK YOU so much for the package (i received it on Wednesday when we went to the mission home for our 6 week training follow up) and really i want to thank you for everything that was in it and for just sending it, quick story my companion and room mates were so hoha’a to open it as soon as we got back to the apartment (which was about 4pm) but i didnt want to because i didnt want to get distracted as we had to work so i ended up opening it at night and i tried to keep it quiet because i was just embarrassed to open it in front of them i felt fakaofa anyways they saw me and they came and just watched me open it and that is when it really hit me how lucky i am to have a family who love me so much and i realized man i really am a blessed kid!!! lets just say i feel in to tears of gratitude to my father in heaven for blessing me with 2 hard working parents who love me!!! SO THANK YOU to everyone who contributed for the box i truly do appreciate you both.

IMG_2654At the training i also received a package from a Tongan sister here she was there because she is also training someone from my batch her name is Sister Mafuataimi (shes from pili) mum and dad ive never met her before i have only just seen her but she came up to me at the training with a birthday bag (a packet of chips,biscuits and choclate bar) and i was so humbled i just hugged her and thanked her so much i asked her how did you know? she said i saw your name on the birthday calendar, but yes another moment i was truly humbled, it really was the thought that counted for me!!

But yes this week was an okay week, it rained 3 days straight but it was still 35c so it was so hard to contact and find people due to the rain people were busy running around do last minute things or “sleeping”, so yes the work this week was pretty hard alot and i mean alot of our appointments fell through, but something that has really touched me this week was the tender mercies of the lord!! even though it was tough this week, we have really seen the members growth of love for us missionaries (a lot dont trust the missionaries because the last few have been disobedient) we had our first fellow shipper this week and have appointments with more members to fellowship us this coming week and also a referral tonight for a family home evening with a member that we’ve never really spoke to but they invited us over tonight so i know that it is truly the tender hand of the lord!! but yeah i had a few crazy experiences this week we nearly had an accident while travelling to cauayan for training (takes about 3 hours from tuguegarao) because the bus driver the hut guy reckons to over take a truck that he didnt know was turning ( by the way they overtake here like how tonga does so no surprise for me lol) but the bus driver was just a hut guy haha and then near the end of the trip he reckons to tell us they have a temporary bridge to go over but we were a bus full of 50 people so he thinks to ask if anyone wanted to get off before they go over (and i didn’t even know this until after we went over and i asked my companion what he said) let me just say it was the dodgiest bridge ive ever gone across haha but we made it and thats all that matters haha but yes thats really all from this week.


Our handouts


But i really wanted to share something that ive really studied about this week which is SELF-RELIANCE!! and i wanted to share what i learnt from my studies with you, the first principle heavenly father gave Adam when he cast them out of the garden of Eden “the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread,till thou return unto the gospel” Genesis 3:19 for me i really pondered this scripture and why the lord would give this principle and then i was able to expound it, that the lord wanted not just Adam but all of us to learn the principle of work!! that it is only by sweat that he would be able to eat bread and what a principle that is!! then i thought to myself have i really been sweating for what i eat or in other words have i been self-reliant? and you could guess what my answer was haha yep a big fat NO!! i really haven’t through out my life i have relied on my parents even when i had a job i continued to rely on you both, then i really started to ponder how can i be more self-reliant and this is when i need your help mum and dad, like i said earlier i was full of gratitude when i received my package especially looking at how much it cost to send it (and i couldn’t imagine how much everything inside cost as well) and don’t get me wrong i really am grateful, but please help me by being more self-reliant by not sending anymore packages and money to me please trust me it is hurting me just writing it because i really don’t know how i am going to get through but one thing i do know is that the lord would not give a commandment if he couldn’t prepare a way!!! and i wanted to share a quote that really hit me while studying this principle “you cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they can do, and should do, for themselves.” everything i learn on the mission i want to stay with me for the rest of my life so i dont need to rely on my parents when i get home, i want to be able to be self-reliant for my own family one day and yes i know that some days i may have to go without a meal or two because i will probably run out of money but that are the cool experiences as a missionary and these are the things i will never forget, and yes i know you both want to help me and are worried but trust me i will be okay better yet trust him!!! if there comes a day i am really low on things without a doubt i will call my mission president but im on the lord errand and i have faith he will pull me through.

i also wanted to speak on being self-reliant as a family!! i was reading on self-reliance and it really showed unto me the true importance of being self-reliant!! at times we may sound like the people of the time of noah e.g. “no a flood will never hit here”, “we will be alright” lets be real we say it all the time but noah didnt build the ark when it rained he built it and then the rain came, we have to be prepared family for these times of rain and rain can come in many forms literally rain/flood, loss of income etc we can learn this every time from the scriptures people were warned to prepare and still didn’t, so the question really is what are we waiting for? the lord has time and time again reveled this important principle to many prophets and i have even heard it a few times in general conference and still didnt act upon the council, so please just start with little things 1 can of food and 10% of income put away each week i know without a doubt that this will bless the family, that just like noah we will be prepared and we will be able to help others who dont know about this blessing of being self-reliant, it will help you as a family learn how to live within your means and strengthen your love as a family by helping prepare for those dark days, how great is our heavenly father to warn us and help prepare through this program!!! How Long Can You Go If the Income Stops? – Gordan. B. Hinckley

but yes thats all from me mum and dad thank you so much for working hard every single day to provide means for the family i really do appreciate your hard work and love, thank you for encouraging me to be truthful and grateful last week i really put it into work and will continue to do so and on that note i want to let you know I AM NOT COMING HOME till next year October please trust him, i know times will come when it will be hard but it will never be as hard as what the savior went through for me and its something i will never forget, i will give my all and a little more because he only asks for 18 months from me please dont worry!! Seeing S home might scare you abit knowing it could happen to me and i will be honest it could but i will never let anything stand in the way of me Returning With Honour that is something i just wanted to comfort you both with because i felt you both were a little scared in your emails last week haha but i really do promise not just you but him everyday that im willing to align my will to his everyday!!

Anyways i love you both very much thank you for all the care products (the wax was really needed haha) and ive finished my scotch fingers lets just say a few appointments fell through and what a blessing the scotch fingers were!! i only kept the snickers, red frogs and scotch fingers the rest went to member families that fed us often and my companion and room mates but thank you heaps i really do mean it for sending my LAST package 🙂

Sister Mailangi

IMG_2650ps went to calao cave today with a member family 184 steps just to get to the cave 🙂 they have a church in the cave as well and it was shmall dark!! oh and my mailangi blood stepped in so i had to be the best and climb on the highest rock in the cave to get a photo