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“And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and difficult” 12th – 18th Sep 2017



Our new t-shirts (thats probably why we’re broke)

This week was a really good week in the service of the Lord!! We were able to have some really good lessons and experience some miracles also!! Our investigators with a baptismal date have been really well, we have been helping each of them strengthen there faith and build there testimony!! We were able to meet with a family last week. We just met the mum and she invited to teach herself and her husband. It was so good just to really sit down and teach a family (because here in the Philippines it is also just the mum’s home and the dads “never have time”). She was a referral from a ward member and since we have met them they have come to church 2 Sunday’s in a row. It really goes to show the effectiveness of members helping the missionaries!! We had one day this week where we had this meal pancit 3 times in one day man my stomach was langa (aching) and everytime someone went to offer I said “it was okay we just had a meal already” but e eku hoa (my companion) man she kept saying yes so they would make me a plate too haha but yeah lets just say i am never eating pancit again!!


He reminds me of aunty rinas Nela ­čÖé

We also visited the furthest area in our boundary it is probably San Souci to home and after a long day of walking around that area we had to walk back as there were no tricycle’s or jeepni’s. We got told the next day by a member that he saw us walking and that there was a big accident on the road we were just walking on and he advised us to not walk too late again in that area (like we had a choice) It was just a crazy reminder how much the Lord guides his servants and just his timing for us!!! All in all this week was a really good week filled with alot of trials and blessings ­čÖé


This week in my personal study I am finally up to 3 Nephi and I was reading over 3 Nephi 3:14-15, this is when the nephites and lamanites joined in arm to defend themselves against the Gadianton robbers , so there captain (forgot the name sorry) told them to strengthen there fortifications around and in verse 15 he declared repentence to them, these scripture verses stood out to me because he didnt just ask them to prepare themselves physically but also spiritually!! There was a quote once given by Elder Dallin. H. Oaks he said ” And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and difficult ” and i am so guilty of that!!! Being on the mission i have really come to know the importance of spiritual things and how much I can help others prioritise the spiritual things in life!! Example when there’s ward conference or general conference whats the first thing people think of oh what are we going to eat after the session instead of what should we do to prepare our minds and spirit for the conference its these things that we can do better and help prepare ourselves both physical and most importantly spiritually!!


That’s really all from me. This week is going to be a busy week we have Zone Conference on Wednesday and then a family week activity with our ward on Saturday (they have a family week activity for the ward every year) so we’re pretty excited for it and hoping our investigators are able to attend!!┬á My companion is good, of course just feed her and shes okay haha but man she was heaps angry at me because of my tongan one of our activity’s for CLS is to write words in tongan from A-Z and man i realised how hut my tongan is and she got angry at me haha she was like if we weren’t missionaries I would taai you right now haha wehhhh As for me i am good I’m always good! I had an experience earlier this morning, I was just feeling a little overwhelmed then I took off my watch because my wrist was itching and I went to look at the back of it and saw a name which read Melesisi Hopoate. I never saw it at the back before, today was the first time i saw it and it was a great reminder of who I am serving too.


Service Project Before


Service Project After

I love and miss you guys heaps but i know you both are well, thank you for your hard work for this family it never goes unnoticed please never forget that!! You are not just preparing us now but for the future. I am so thankful I was raised up in a home with a gospel foundation, that is the greatest love you could have ever show me!!! Please look after yourselves and take care always!!






“Be Valiant and Obedient” 5th Sep – 11 Sep 2017

f2Hello My Beautiful Parents mo fefe hake? Malo aupito for emailing me and filling me in with everything, good to hear you guys had family home evening and also good to hear everyone is well ­čÖé Haha its funny to hear sharing time in family home evening hasnt changed haha!! But thats a good idea for everyone to serve each other, because when you serve you do with charity and charity never faileth!! How is your illness now mum? and Bishop fefe ho injury?

But everything is good on this end dont worry were always safe in the lords work, he is always mindful of his servants you guys also so its okay were fine!! the weather is hot still, we do have those days where it does rain but only for 2-3 hours then its okay but yeah majority of the day its just hot!! But the work has been good, i just cant believe how quick this cycle is going next week will be the last full week of work before this cycle ends, man just crazy how quick everything is going and in saying that the work has been really really good we were able to receive some referells and man they are really good referells, one of there name is Jesus (ORYEP) i was asking for his name and because here they pronounce J as H when he was spelling it out and then i looked at it and then to him and i was just laughing haha but yeah we had some really good lessons this week and alot were able to come church!!!  We do have this one investigator she has been a investigator for 5 years and is ment to be baptised next week. Her story is complicated!!!


Other then that it has been a good week, i have been reading my book of mormon and im up to 3 Nephi now, pero i was studying under Helaman 16:15-17 and this chapter is about the nephites how they were becoming wicked and werent believing the words of samuel the lamanite anyways these verses stood out to me because sometimes as members we will follow some commandments and then give some reasons for why we dont need to follow the rest an example i have come across here is “i dont need to go to church i just need to prayer the lord understands” which is a perfect example of following the commandment of prayer but giving reason for not wanting to keep the sabbath day holy. And i am so guilty of doing that sometimes theres always a reason from me, so i really need to work on just being valiant and obedient to all the commandments of god!!!

I┬áam good, right now i am carrying the team haha because my mate finished all her money.┬áI dont mind i guessed i am blessed with things other people arent blessed with. We havent had dinner the last 2 nights because no money haha and the travel to our area’s are expensive too so we just walk, walk until a member feeds us (so feed the missionaries please haha) but yeah she had money sent to her but its all gone in one week because someone wanted a new speaker and usb and sd card and now no food at home but i guess we gotta do better together in budgeting!!

i am good and my companion is alright shes trying to give clothes away she cant  fit in her bag just junk food for her haha and anything will do for the both of us!!

I miss you all so much and thank you for your hard work each and everyday for our family but i know you guys are both good continue to PRAY, SCRIPTURE STUDY and KEEP THE SABBATH DAY HOLY!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND PRAY FOR YOU EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!!!



“Stick to your task till it sticks to you” 29th Aug – 4th Sep 2017

Thank you for emailing me I was so happy to see your emails and read that everyone is going good.


This week was a good week, we had some good lessons!! So last Monday we worked in the afternoon and we had family home evening with a sister (Filma) who has a baptism date this month. When┬áI first met her it was just so fakaofa (so there house was burnt down and they live in a community hall.┬áThe house is just bed sheets and poles┬ádividing each room. Her sister in law lives in one room with her 6 children the oldest is 13 yrs old and her husband is in jail so they have no money. The only one that works for them is Sister filma’s husband he provides for both families and sometimes they just eat rice its so fakaofa!!!) Anyways we provided for food and taught them a lesson it was so good, Sister Filma was so excited because it was her first family home evening and she had a sign and set up the table it was just so good and so humbling just to see how much the gospel just glues everything together.


No matter how much knowledge you have or food it doesn’t matter and that’s what┬áI saw last Monday it was so good!! We also had another lesson where we taught a sister near the lake and she said sisters┬áI know now that you are called of god because yesterday┬áI had the worst day she shared with us her concern and it was just good to be reminded of the lords timing for his children and even though we really couldn’t reach out to her concern┬áI think just being there to have a open ear was enough for her (her husband was stabbed just late last year so she has 2 young children).┬áWe had Splits this week with our Sister Training Leaders it was so good they are so hard working the only thing that did heads was the travel it was like 1 hour trip (a whole different zone) but it was okay the travel was safe.


My ward here had a farewell for one of the preparing Elders and┬áI was┬áhomesick hahaha.┬áI only felt it hit home when they played the good bye message┬áI was like oryep haha but it was so good to see his parents (who are less actives) come and support him and the joy of his grandparents (because he’s the first one in there family to go and serve) but all in all it was a good event just bad luck it was fast Sunday we couldn’t eat haha but it was really good to see the support of the ward for him!!


As for me┬áI am always good serving the Lord.┬áI have felt like┬áI have hit a “complacent” point because of┬áhow good this area is and how good my companion is and because┬áI feel like my tagalog is getting better.┬áI have just hit this steadyness which┬áI really hate!! So I’ve been trying to be persistent in the little things which can help me do the bigger things!! e eku hoa shared a quote with me that really helped push me to be persistent yesterday and i wanted to share with you both:


“Stick to your task till it sticks to you,

Beginners are many but enders are few,

Honour, Power, Place and Praise

Will (Always) come… the one who stays.


Stick to your task till it sticks to you

Bend at it, Sweat at it Smile at it too

For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile

will come life victories after awhile.”


So yep┬áI just have to keep sticking at it until it sticks to me and i really love the 2nd line beginners are many but enders are few and it really doesn’t have to be for missionary work but it can apply for everything (if your going to paint the house haha) or reading the Book of Mormon it can really apply to everything!!



Pumping water as we have no taps

The work is so good my hoa is tika this week I am going to learn how to teach in Tongan masi it is hard enough to lotu in tongan better yet teach but I will just rely on the gift of tongues haha. I am good really loving the work here oh forgot to say one of our investigators finally came church!!! yahhhh


Well I love you both thank you so much for each of your hard work each and everyday for this family continue to do the little things the spiritual things i love you both so much and i do miss you but i know you are all well!!





ps can you please send my ofas to both my nana and papa’s!!!

22nd – 28th August 2017 “Education is the key to opportunities”

Mo Fefe Hake? Fefe Hake Ho Ngaue? Fefe Hake Famili Mailangi? Malo emaili mai ka au!! Thank you for taking the time out each week to email? Fefe ho lau tohi a molamona? Fefe ho lotu fakafamili? Fefe Ho Family Home Evening?

This week was a good week, we were able to find a lot of investigators this week with just contacting and also through the ward referrals that we received last week!! we increased our lessons this week from last week so everything is good but doesnt mean we have to stop working, we found that no matter how hard we have worked one day we have to continue to work hard and be persistence something i lack in sometimes but im trying repenting and trying again!! We have been working really close with our ward mission leader (so hard working!!) and just really blessed we have a ward bishop and mission leader who are really concerned about the work!

DSC09787Everything has been good for me and my hoa we planned to run every day but some how the “alarm keeps turning off” haha!! We made keke vai and we made it 2 days straight now for our dinner and it was so ifo with the strwberry jam aunty packed in the package and milo ouaaaa!! As companionship were good, she told me in companionship inventory that she cant believe im tongan knows how to speak tagalog and cant speak my native tongue, i was like or yep fakamolemole toks but she said you really need to learn how to speak tongan and i am here to help you so were trying in that, its hard i wont lie and i get frustrated to but i just have to trust in the gift of tongues!! we’re just really helping each other out in areas we both can improve on!!

this week i was studying over the book of mormon i am up to helaman and this is the part where nephi and lehi the sons of helaman go and teach to the wicked nephites. its just crazy how just like those times of old, everything is happening exactly like that now, how the nephities turn wicked because they set there hearts upon riches, that once, people see the blessings come they are slow to remember god and how he pulled them out of there trials and tribulations and that is why i try to declare the importance to you all and also to every one i meet to keep on keeping at the small things everyday, (scripture study,prayer,family home evening) patience and persistence is the key to avoid tendency or be complacent!!

Peeling corn

DSC09741Something else that i studied last night in preparation for next weeks RS class was Gordon B Hinkcley’s lesson on Education if there is one quote i loved was “there can be no doubt, none whatever, that education pays. do not short circuit your lives.if you do so, you will pay for it over and over again…. it is not enough just to live, just to survive” EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO OPPORTUNITY!! i never really knew how important education was till i came on the mission (sorry hahaha) but man after reading and ponering on the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, it helped me grow a testimony on education. BISHOP AND MUM STUDY!!! no matter how much you pay for it now, it is not to late get into a course of byu, it doesnt matter if we eat bread to pay for schooling because its those things that matter most that will last forever, lets not just live to survive lets gain as much as we can while “preparing to meet god” lets seek in good books and not just schooling!! Start a course now Bishop and mum!!!

DSC09743i am good, always room for improvement for me but im working and trusting his plan for me!! I received a text this week and this is not to scare you both but just to let you know we had a warning text to prepare our 72 hour kits as there may not be electricity for a few days and be home by 7pm because there is a typhoon coming and not to sure when it will hit but everything is okay i have my 72 hour kit, my book of mormon and my body guard haha so its good really!!! I love you you both so much and thank you so much for working hard for this family, even if i get punted day by day i know i am blessed always because of you both!!