Listen to understand NOT listen to speak 1st Aug – 7th Aug 2017

Hello my beautiful parents!! Thank you for emailing me and taking out the time to email me in your busy schedule but i am glad to hear everything is doing well at home and everything is adjusting a little better. How is everyone? how is work for those that work? how is school? how is the ward? (man I miss Eastlakes ward so much!!) how is both my nana and papa’s? how is scripture reading? how is family prayer? how is family home evening? BUT HOW ARE YOU MUM AND BISHOP?



Well the work this week was good we were able to find some people and i have been a little more comfortable in contacting which is good still a lot of improvement but its getting there just gotta keep, keeping at it. We finally have a progressing investigator who is coming to church which is hectic, so we are just really putting her into focus, we found out on Sunday that we have another one who actually is someone we visit every Tuesday for family home evening. We didn’t know whether she was a convert or ward baptism her parents aren’t members but her grandparents are. She has been coming with them since she was young to church so my trainer told me she falls under the ward nek minit bishop asked us if she was scheduled for this Saturday for baptism but now she cant because she hasn’t been taught any lessons. Thats some thing that happened this week but I see this area is progressing, little by little which is good!! In terms of my language could be a little better! I still sit in some lessons and just nod my head then look at my companion haha My companion is hectic, she is so helpful and just been really trying to help me teach true doctrine and be obedient which I love. She really tries to help me reach my goals as a missionary and its hectic too because we get the same kinda of jokes and everything so if someone does something hut we just look at each other and smile eg. One of our room mates loves to tease but hates when people tease her so yep I’ve been giving it to her haha As for myself I am good I cant believe it has been a good 5-6 months here on the mission already how crazy is that, it has gone so fast for me. Sometimes I really just sit back and just think look at how short the time is he has asked me to serve!!! well this week is the last week for this cycle and yep I jumped the gun this past testimony meeting and said thanks to everyone and there love because I feel like I’m getting transferred next cycle which is crazy to think but that’s just me assuming. I could be wrong either way I don’t mind, its all in his timing!! This week I had the worst stomach bug everrrrr on Saturday I think I don’t know what I ate we were at a members after CSP and yep stomach bug that whole day I didn’t end up eating for 36 hours but im okay now up and eating again haha!!

This weeks studies have been good I have really learnt a lot about the Preach My Gospel and book of mormon because thats what our Mission President wants us to focus on, but something that i did learn with an experience i had was how important listening is!! You both are probably like yes finally haha because I already know I wasn’t the best listener at home!! but yesterday we were asked to join a meeting with our stake president, bishop and one of the stake counsellors, and man what an experience that was some of the tings said in there should of not been said with the presence of missionaries there and it was just crazy all because one person was listening. I remember in the PMG Jefferey.R.Holland said “more important then speaking is listening” everything yesterday could have been a lot smother if one person just listened, and after i got out of that meeting (which i came out wanting to taii someone) i was asking myself why did the lord put me in that meeting, and looking at it now he wanted me to learn what happens when you just dont listen, as in really listen to understand!! And that is one thing i have been trying to do as a missionary especially just really look at someone and listen to what they are sharing because it could be from what they share, that we could help them resolve there concern. At home thats something i sucked at, i was listening to speak and not listening to understand and being here i able to see how big of a difference it could be just to listen with love!! And i really add my testimony to what Elder Jefferey.R.Holland said, it is really more important to listen then to speak, lets listen to whoever maybe be speaking, we could be there ear for the day, no matter who it may be (nana and her 1000 stories, papa and hes repeated stories) at the end of the day they would probably be so thankful that someone listened!! Lets never forget to the man who listens to our hearts, who listens to our prayers, who listens to our concerns and who listens to comfort, who is our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!!!


But that is all from me this week went so fast!! I went for a run this week since MTC i died but felt hectic!! My interviews with President and Sister Hiatt was so good and so blessed to have them as my mission parents!! I am A ok of course i am on the lords errand you both need not worry about me every day is a good day in the service of the lord, if i get hungry, if i get lost i am doing so in the service of the lord!!! i love you both so much and appreciate both your counsel and love for me each week and each day, even though we ay be a few miles away i feel your love for me each day, thank you for making me push harder and thank you both for your hard work for this family i love you so much!!!!!





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