26 Jul – 31 Jul “Keep the Commandments of God”

DSCN2531Malo Le Lelei my Beautiful Parents!!!

First off thank you for emailing me this week it was good to hear from each of you and really know whats happening at home!!! And so good to hear that everything is going good 🙂 THANK YOU for reading the scriptures and doing daily prayers as a family!!! How is family home evening? how is nana and papa? both my grandparents? and thank you for handing out the letters i am happy everyone was able to receive it and if there is anyone that i missed they will be included in the next one (next year haha joke)

So yes everything was so good this past week, We had Zone Conference which was soooo good, President Hiatt and Sister Hiatt spoke on the Role of the holy ghost and how it sets us apart from any other missionary and he touched also on Obedience and how you need to be worthy of the gift of the holy ghost and it got me thinking on how power and authority are actually two different things, anyone can have authority to do things example every missionary has authority to speak and teach but if you dont have the power from the holy ghost your lesson wouldn’t be effective but that was a little enlightenment i received during the conference, but it was a really good Zone Conference it was something i needed as theres always room for improvement as a missionary!! everything here is just extreme hoi if it is hot its HOT if it rains it RAIN’s and man it rained hard out we got soaked haha but it was a cool experience and we were still able to serve someone in need actually a funny story a guy’s tricycle got stuck in the mud, and this guy is probably the size of one of my arms anyways we helped him push it and he was like wow your so strong and i was like yeah thats the power of god, he just smiled and was abit embarrassed that sisters were helping him lol!! But we also had the opportunity to have splits with our Sister Training Leaders which was really good i was companions with Sister Gaspar she is training as a Sister Training Leader but she is so hard working and so valiant, it was such a good experience and split with her she made me feel really comfortable in the language and contacting so super happy!! we have cut down our teaching pool because alot of our investgators are not keeping commitments so this week were planning to find some new ones which is okay it just may not be there timing right now, Sister Lucia the one that forgets things was ment to be baptised this week but she didnt attend church on sunday (she only needed to attend this one sunday) because she went to Inglesia Ni Cristo church thinking it was ours haha she even had her Book of Mormon in her bag but she forgot where it was so yeah we had to extend it which wont be till September but were still working with nanay 🙂

DSCN2569So i have been reading the Book Of Mormon and the part i am up to is in Alma, which is about Alma going on his mission to save the Zoramites because they were complacent in there blessings that they started to drift from the teachings of the lord and it started from something so small in verse 9 it says But they had fallen into great errors, for they would not observe to keep the commandments of god,and his statutes,according to the law of Moses. verse 10 Neither would they observe the performances of the church, to continue in prayer and supplication to God daily, that they might not enter into temptation. when i was reading this i was pondering on these verses and how it really just start from something so small like not praying that satan can just have a grasp on you!! In the next few chapters Almas first council he gives to his son is to keep the commandments of god!!! Alma knew what would happen when we dont and how Satan can creep his way into our lives when we dont follow the commandments of god!! Lets learn from the Zoramites and the teachings of Alma and self evaluate ourselves on how we are doing with the simple things of keeping the commandments and then lets help our brothers and sisters to do so also!!!

Well that is all from me, i am doing good as always could be eating abit better lol im just pumping food out here but no regrets but really im going jogging on wednesday haha actually miss training so much feels so weird not doing it and yeah can you please send me cross-fit workouts to do only body weight please!!!

Thank you for your hard work each and everyday, i feel your prayers and i am comforted every day i love you both so much and miss you both so much it still kinda hits home when i teach people about Families and i also tell investigators how grateful i am that i had parents who taught me things i couldnt learn at school like prayer something so simple has been the weapon i use against satan today!!




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