18th – 25th July “If Jesus Christ visited your house”

IMG_3108Hi my beautiful parents!!!

Thank you for taking the time out to write and email me on how everything is at home so good to hear that everyone is okay and that home has turned into a hospital haha Aww i cant imagine how everything is at home right now, Stress would be one word to describe it but it is so good that you guys are still reading the scriptures and praying everyday THANK YOU!!!! as much as it makes me happy i know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are just as happy!!!

Well this week was an okay week (but of course every week in the mission is a good week because i get to help save some souls) well a lot of our investigators haven’t been progressing they read the pamphlets and pray but they dont come to church which is hard but they have there own agency so we’re still thinking of ways we can help push them to come to church!!! Anyways we did have a man come to church on Sunday who  is really investigating the church, he bought his book of mormon along with him and then after sacrament he had a lot of questions about plural marriages and manifesto and at first i was like or yep but we scheduled an appointment with him for Wednesday morning so i cant wait to visit and teach him because i love his curiosity and desire to learn more!!

DSCN2454this week i encountered a experience that made we realize how much i have weakened my faith, so we had an appointment with our investigator with a baptismal date and then we saw her gambling on the table (popular thing here) so i soon as i saw it my faith just broke and as we were contacting i was just really angry and i didnt let it show so here i was walking and trying to contact while wrestling wih myself in my head just fight the bad thoughts but it got the best of me!!! it wasnt till i went home and fell on my knees and then realized that was my test that Jesus Christ gave for me. i can so imagine it right now just him saying i am going to test sister Mailangi and i am going to see how it will affect her, so i can say that i got a big FAIL for that test!! I didnt respect his timing, i didnt have faith and to make it worse i let that thought get to me and affect his work, so it is something i learnt this week. i am so grateful for his atoning sacrifice for us all that we are able to continually repent each day whatever time and where ever we are, i am so grateful for his patience with me no matter how much i fall he continually just lifts me and says try again or just keep trying i got you!! but yeah that is something that stood out to me this week!!

DSCN2485this week in my studies i came across a story of ‘If Jesus Came To Your House’. It is such a good story and would love for you both to read and share it in family home evening. It is a serious of like self-evaluation questions of what we would do if Jesus came home, would we be running around fixing things at home? would we be deleting things on our phones?, would we be in the same mood that were in at that very moment?, would we be pulling out the scriptures? and then when he leaves would we be relieved? or would we want him to stay? And man how much this story stood out to me, and really had me thinking of Jesus Christ would come and see me right now what would my first reaction be and just to help me re-evaluate myself and what i am prioritizing right now. i really wanted to share this with you both to always remind you, to keep the house in a order that if the savior were to walk in there would be no rush to move or hide things, to set the mood of the spirit at home so that we would have the constant companionship of the spirit!!! and then finally to have a home where it wouldn’t be a relief when he leaves, make it a home that it would be just like he is at home!! i know if you do this at home, you wouldnt have to rush around when visitors come better yet if the savior were to visit, i know that when you keep everything in order it will enable the spirit to dwell within the home, just like the bible dictionary says that the home can be the closet thing to the temple, so lets make our home like a temple in lahat!!!

i am so thankful for your hard work each and every day. i am always thankful for your prayers and comfort that i feel each day, thank you for your counsel and to help me in each aspect of my work, i have so many weaknesses so thank you for helping me better me as a missionary because this isn’t my work!! thank you for the sacrifices you both make each and every day they never go unnoticed!!! always remember it is the spiritual things that matter most at home no matter what you are going to do or are doing please prioritize scripture reading, daily family prayer, church and family home evening they are the things that matter because all in all family matters!!!! Please always remember to repent and declare repentence to my siblings no one is perfect and we all need to repent, repentence for me is my best friend right now!!!



pss and please tell nana and papa Mailangi i say hello and i love them


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