“Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24.) 11 July – 17 July 2017

Hi my beautiful parents,

How are you both? thank you for taking the time out to email me this week and give me counsel which is appreciated and putting into action each week!! And also for updating me on everything that is happening at home so good to know that everyone is okay and that Bishop’s operation was a success!! Unlucky to leta man a broken finger how did that happen? and what position is she playing? But how is everything at home? Everything going a lot smoother then before with adjusting to Bishop’s calling? how is work? how is just everythingggg? how is nana and papa?

Well this week was an okay week. A lot of learning on my side of things. I now realize how easy i had it in my training example my trainer would do majority of the teaching and so i wouldn’t really know how to teach a lesson and cover all principles, but with my follow up i take lead in all of it, so it has been pushing me to learn each principle in each lesson so i can share this perfect message perfectly and not just “dump” it, but yeah it really has got me studying and pondering a lot in the Book of Mormon and PMG which is a good thing so i can familiarize myself in it. If there is a part i can work on it would probably be contacting its not the contacting in general its more the language barrier that i get a little shy about but im working on it and i know the only way to get over it, is to actually do it so yeah it just comes down to overcoming me haha

But something that stood out to me in my personal studies this week is a story i want to share with that i came across in a book by Elder John H. Groberg:

As a young missionary I was assigned as a district president to administer the affairs of the Church and preach the gospel in a group of fifteen small, scattered islands. We traveled almost exclusively by sailboat and learned to rely not only on the winds and the currents of the usually friendly seas, but especially on the love of our Father in heaven, as we sailed week after week and month after month from island to island to island. It was a glorious time, full of the normal challenges of seasickness, becalmings, strange languages, foods, and customs. But mostly it was a time of spiritual closeness to our Father in heaven, whose love and goodness so far overshadowed any temporary pain or problems as to make the latter shrink into obscurity.

On one occasion we received word that a missionary was very ill on a somewhat distant island. The weather was threatening but, feeling responsible, and after prayer, we left to investigate the situation. Extra heavy seas slowed our progress, and it was late afternoon before we arrived. The missionary was indeed very ill. Fervent prayer was followed by administration, during which the impression came very strongly to get him back to the hospital on the main island, and to do it now!

The weather had deteriorated to the point of a small gale. The seas were heavy, the clouds were thick, the wind was fierce, the hour was late, and the sun was sinking rapidly, betokening a long black night ahead. But the impression was strong—“Get back now”—and one learns to obey the all-important promptings of the Spirit.

There was much concern expressed and much talk about the darkness, the storm, and the formidable reef with its extremely narrow opening to the harbor we were attempting to gain. Some found reason to stay behind; but soon eight persons, including an ill missionary, a very experienced captain, and a somewhat concerned district president, boarded the boat and the spiritually prompted voyage to home base began.

No sooner had we made our commitment to the open seas than the intensity of the storm seemed to increase sevenfold. The small gale now became a major storm. As the sun sank below the horizon, bringing with it darkness and gloom, so also did my spirit seem to sink into the darkness of doubt and apprehension. The thick clouds and driving rain increased the blackness of our already dark universe—no stars, no moon, no rest—only turmoil of sea and body and mind and spirit. And as we toiled on through that fearsome night, I found my spirit communing with the spirit of the father of an afflicted child in the New Testament, as he exclaimed, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24.) And He did, and He does, and He will. That I know.

As we rolled and tossed closer and closer to the reef, all eyes searched for the light that marked the opening—the only entry to our home. Where was it? The blackness of the night seemed to increase; the fierceness of the raging elements seemed to know no bounds. The rain slashed at our faces and tore at our eyes—eyes vainly searching for that life-giving light.

Then I heard the chilling sound of the waves crashing and chewing against the reef! It was close—too close. Where was that light? Unless we hit the opening exactly, we would be smashed against the reef and ripped and torn by that thousand-toothed monster. It seemed that all the elements were savagely bent on our total destruction. Our eyes strained against the blackness, but we could not see the light.

Some began to whimper, others to moan and cry, and one or two even to scream in hysteria. At the height of this panic, when many were pleading to turn to the left or to the right, when the tumultuous elements all but forced us to abandon life and hope, I looked at the captain—and there I saw the face of calmness, the ageless face of wisdom and experience, as his eyes penetrated the darkness ahead. Quietly his weather-roughened lips parted, and without moving his fixed gaze and just perceptibly shifting the wheel, he breathed those life-giving words, “Ko e Maama e” (“There is the light!”).

I could not see the light, but the captain could see it. And I knew he could see it. Those eyes long experienced in ocean travel were not fooled by the madness of the storm nor were they influenced by the pleadings of those of lesser experience to turn to the left or to the right. And so with one last great swell we were hurtled through the opening and into calmer waters.

The roaring of the reef was now behind us. Its infamous plan of destruction had been foiled. We were in the protected harbor. We were home. Then and only then did we see through the darkness that one small light—exactly where the captain had said it was. Had we waited until we ourselves could see the light we would have been dashed to pieces, shredded on the reef of unbelief. But trusting in those experienced eyes, we lived.

And so the great lesson: There are those who, through years of experience and training, and by virtue of special divine callings, can see farther and better and more clearly—and can and will save us in those situations where serious injury or death—both spiritual and physical—would be upon us before we ourselves could see

And it made me think of the calling that our Prophet has right now, President Thomas S. Monson and the vision he has not for him alone but for all of us, and opportunity we as children of god have through him to help us grow!!! He is the instrument in our day now that connects heaven to earth, he is the seer in our day right now everything that is reveled to him is for US all!!! Jesus Christ is the Light, Prophet Thomas S. Monson is our “captain” and we are all on the ship heading to the kingdom of god, all he asks is to trust him so lets put into action his recent revelation of studying and pondering on the Scriptures especially the Book of Mormon, he senses the power of satan among the world today and who would think that these 4 books can keep us out of danger all we have to do is open it!!! So please listen and take heed to the Prophet’s council, the lord loves us so much to give us a living day prophet that we may continue to walk in the right way!!!

But another reason it stood out to me because we have leaders in our every day life but espeically who are in the church and yes sometimes it is hard for some members to take council from them because of who knows what but they have been called of god in that specific calling for a reason they can see that light and they have a clearer vision then what we have, you cant simply say you believe in the prophet if you dont sustain your local leaders because they are called by god!! Bishop Mailangi for Eastlakes ward you are the captain i trust you with all my heart and i know there are all lot of other people who do but most importantly Our Savior Jesus Christ trust you to be an instrument of him!!!

for some reason this talk just reminded me of home and i felt to share this with you both today no matter what calling we may have we are all called of god and he trusts us in each of our perspective calling, primary teacher to being bishop you are called by one person 🙂

I love you so much my beautiful parents, is theres anything i can do please let me know i will write eastlakes ward on Christmas haha but please let everyone know i say hello, this work is good and i am good also so dont worry about me im in the lords errand 🙂 I LOVE AND MISS YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK EVERYDAY CONTINUE TO PRAY EVERYDAY AS A FAMILY, READ THE SCRIPTURES AND HAVE FAMILY HOME EVENING!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR THIS FAMILY!!



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