Month: July 2017

My New companion 4 Jul – 10 Jul 2017

IMG_3037Malo e lelei my beautiful parents,

fefe hake? thank you for emailing me this week and just filling me in with everything that is happening at home. thank you being such great parents to me and my siblings we really do appreciate your hard work and your teachings!!! how is scripture reading and daily prayers and also family home evening?

well if you havent seen yet, yes i have a new companion!! she is from Utah (like Utah University haha) she is filipino and learnt how to speak here on the mission, she is 1 cycle ahead of me so we are both pretty new to the field haha but shes heaps mad and heaps nice i have felt just super comfortable with her and it is a hectic transition from my trainer because im still missing my trainer abit haha but yeah Sister Perez is heaps nice but of course im nicer haha!!

well this week was a good and average week in this beautiful work!! sunday afternoon, monday and tuesday i was working with my room mates in there area because our transfer day is on wednesday and my trainer left on sunday but it was cool working with my room mates and learning different ways missionaries teach and go about there day so it was a good learning experience for me!! i met my companion on wednesday and we went straight to work, she is super hard working which is good because i really like just hit the pavement and working, we found that we have a lot of things in common and even weaknesses which is so good because at least it will help us both stretch on our weakness, one of them being contacting man its so hard for me to carry on in contacting because im still not good at speaking tagalog and whenever i open my mouth they just stand there and just look at me and normally my trainer would just finish it off but my new companion is too shy to approuch people so its good we can both work off each other i can walk about to anyone its more just carrying the conversation where i get embarrassed but i know this will help me stretch so i am willing!!! but yes so happy she is my companion and i am able to work with her to help improve this area that we have been so blessed to be serving in and representing our savior Jesus Christ!!

IMG_3035Well i experienced something yesterday after we had Ward Coordination Meeting, it just didnt go anywhere whats ment to happen is we as missionaries account to our ward mission leader and then we discuss what areas we can work out for the ward or investigators and because here we have a new thing called reactivation because there are alot of less actives not just in the ward i am serving but in the whole of philipines and so this new program is from the area presidency so anyways we tried to talk about it and it just went no where like no one wanted to take the step and it was like no one just wanted to help. they just keep saying talk to bishop and when we go to bishop he says talk to your ward mission leader and its just an endless round. I have tried everything i have thought of to try and get the ward to help us with less actives but nothing and yesterday it just hit me, every bad thought i could think of was running through my head, i like a good challenge but oh man is this area stretching me!!! anyways i got over it and just told myself theres something im not doing that he wants me to learn so i just have to suffer long and be patient. and to continue to pray a little harder and little more so if thats what its going to take for this ward and area i am willing but yes it was a pretty hard afternoon for me yesterday but i am still thinking of ways to help our less actives!!!

well because of that experience i learnt alot about attitude!!! i always thought i was okay with attitude like i always try and cultivate a positive one even with you guys i probably dont tell you everything 1 because i know you will over react and 2 because i know that it is just a short trial but because of yesterdays experience i thought of that story of the frog you put a frog in hot water and it will jump straight out, you put a frog in cold water and let it boil it will eventually die and thats how our attitude of bad thoughts can be if we just let bad thoughts come in our minds it will one day just break us down or kill the frog as you could say!! Our self possession is our only true possession, we have to control the mind first before we can control anything else!!! Your thoughts leads to action and especially as a missionary i have to continually to think positive because this is not my work and there are people here who are ‘perishing in unbelief’!!! i have experienced both in this short time on being on the mission and if you say to yourself this is another day you wont get too IMG_3038far but if you say this is his day he will push you further, i know i will have many more experiences to come and i hope till then i will be able to continue to cultivate an attitude of optimism!!

i know that everything at home will be pretty hard right now with dad not working and everything but i want to let you know EVERYTHING will work out, i wont lie it is so hard for me being here while i have a dad at home whos going into surgery and i am not there to help out especially me being the oldest i feel discouraged but yesterday as i continued my reading in Alma 17 i came across the verse where King Mosiah is promised that his sons will be safe because of there service and it really comforted me knowing that everything will be ok at home and i really really do believe that his promises are always true!!! this is a time of testing of our faith but to let you know he loves you never think anything else!!! Continue to be the faithful parents that you are i love you both so much i know you both will be able to over come this small challenge!!!!!

IMG_3040THANK YOU for your hard work always you really dont understand how much we do appreciate you both!! thank you raising me and my sibilings in this gospel, its things like that you dont notice till you see other families and your like man im so thankful for my parents and there teachings and not just that but also acting on those teachings and being the best examples ever!!!! i love you so much and miss you both so much but continue to pray every day, read the book of mormon and have family home evening these are the little things we need to master both personally and as a family!!! Please send my love to both my grandparents and i hope you like your letters!!

Sister Mailangi

Heavenly Father loves ME 27 Jun 2017- 3 Jul 2017


hi my beautiful parents!!! how are you both? how is work? how are you adjusting with everything and bishops new role? how is everything at home?thank you for updating me.

This week was a good week!! It was my trainers last week and so everything was pretty hectic with her doing last minute things and packing, been super busy just trying to organize everything for her!! It has been so good we have met a few new investigators who are just so ready to hear this gospel and I really cant wait to visit each of them again this week. The area here is known as the “hardest” area in Cauayan mission because it doesn’t progress. Honestly it is challenging with our investigators and them not keeping commitments but I do love a good challenge. It helps me work harder and really focus on each of there needs and concerns and better yet it helps me just rely on the Lord and just really get to know him more, which i continually do each and every day!! so yeah this week has been a pretty good week could be better with a baptism haha but i know in his time and will i will be able to have one, theres just probably something he still wants me to learn so im willing!!

There was a tender mercy from the lord this week that i had and an experience i will never forget. So me and my trainer got into a argument LOL it was over plans for the day (i know looking at it now is funny) . She was just stressed from this whole week of being her last week and i should of just listened and went with the plan but for me it was probably the lowest ive felt while being on the mission just hearing what she said to me (even though she said she didnt mean it she just says dumb things when shes angry but really haha) and i know i should of just let it go but man satan was just putting it in my head he was just giving me bad thoughts like why are you even doing this work, look at the area your in you havent had any baptisms you might as well go home just a thousands bad thoughts were just putting me down!!!!


So anyways earlier that day thats when i recieved the package aunty sent me and then i knew the great timing of the lord to help remind me how many people love me and just remind me who i am doing this for!! when i recieved that box (i was pretty embarrssed i wont lie haha) the senior couple had to drive it up and we had to break it down before bringing it in the house but man when i saw it i was just tearing up (but i didnt want to cry in front of everyone) and when i opened it and just saw everything i just couldnt hold it back i truly and super blessed and i knew the lord wanted to remind me that he is blessing me even if its not with a baptism or a progressing investigator but with a loving and supportive family at home and for that i am eternally thankful for!!!! My trainer and room mates kept saying man they really love you or man i wish they could send me a box half that size and every time i heard it, it was just a constant reminder how much my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me!!! But yeah that was a good experience this week which really just helped me grow and i saw that im still weak in being prideful and getting over things so its something i need to work on and i think thats another reason why i probably had that argument but my trainer and i were back to normal and we just laughed it off on friday haha!!!


But that package man it had so much stuff in it!!!!! like i seriously think im good for the next 18 months all the cookies for aldi’s are gone the senior couple missionaries were visiting houses so i gave them cookies to leave there and my room mates went crazy on the junk, i put away some for the members that feed us every week and then i was left with one cookie packet and the toiletries which im okay with because i can eat that stuff when i come back home. I’m so thankful i truly am!!! and as much as i want it please bishop and mum tell them not to send anymore i really do not want them sacrificing that much money its just too much and i know they love me and want to send me things just tell them to put it in my bank account haha no tell them to give it to my namesake and i will be happy with that 🙂 I really am a blessed kid i still cant get over it I’m just so thankful!!

Anyways that is all from me this week if theres anything that i can do to help you please let me know or if theres anything i need to do better please help me haha i am getting a new companion on wednesday and i cant wait to meet her, i am abit scared leading this area because i still barely can speak the language (even though people think i am fluent) but i am putting my trust in the lord and i will just do my part!!

OH I will be sending tetas camera so i paid for it and theres a few letters inside i didnt have time to write to everyone because i had short notice but yeah tell everyone last time writing haha but i am good i dont need anything but your prayers and i am so thankful for your hard work each and everyday my beautiful parents thank you for working hard for this family i really do appreciate it!!!



Sister Mailangi