“Urgency with a quiet Dignity”20th – 26th June 2017


Mo fefe hake? so good to hear that ward conference was a success, that’s when you know that it really was direction given from the lord, and so glad everything went well food and your talk bishop hectic!! man cooking early morning and then getting up early again for church THANK YOU for your hard work bishop and also you too mum for just all helping to fulfill dads calling!!! my little brothers finally doing something Ma-ni-e that would of been a good view to see lol but that is good knowing ward conference was good but how is family prayer? how is family scripture study? and how is family home evening? Also i forgot to follow up but how is ate, matani, hemi keke and naia doing!! sometimes when i see little kids who are less active and not sealed to anyone, it always reminds me of each of them and how much i had the chance to help them come to church and for ate even be baptized but i never took that chance and i regret now because its there salvation at line you know its not just anyone or someone they are children of god!!! but please tell them i love each of them especially my boy keke!!

So yeah this week was a good week, our appointments and teaching lessons were good, i was able to experience for the first time a new investigator who we contacted and she told us to return tomorrow and so we did anyways she welcomed us in and offered us water and food and i was thinking oh shes heaps nice nek minittttt bible bashed haha she is Jehovah Witness, so as soon as we said the opening prayer boom haha i think she shared about 6-8 scripture verses with us and i had to read because her bible was in english and then she told us to watch 2-3 videos like she was pulling out everything and she said to us if you can show me if jesus is jehovah i will be baptised, and honestly in my head i was just laughing my companion on the other was so annoyed but i just shared my testimony with her because i felt she wasnt there to listen she was just there to attack and as weak as my testimony is right now i know that it is the strongest tool i carry but yeah it was cool to experience that and i least know now what i can improve in those moments but so funny honestly i wished i recorded for when were in heaven getting judged and i see her (those ones) hahaha jokes… anyways we have alot of investigators who listen to our message but they dont keep commitments so it does get hard but then thats when the spirit works with us in discerning there concerns and we know with faith and persistence they will be able to keep commitments. One of the problems in this area alot of missionaries have said are the members just not willing to work with us and yep they didnt lie haha it does get pretty hard especially when we are trying to focus on Less-actives as a whole area goal and we know how much the work would move faster if members were to fellowship or even do home visiting teaching but here its like no movement, but we continue to stay hopefully my trainer gets so frustrated sometimes and always brings up how other areas do this and that but i just remind her its okay theres a reason were in this area maybe we just need to build up the trust of the members and work hard so weve been trying and we have seen the success each week 🙂 so please work with the missionaries!!!!

i was so privileged to be edified by my mission parents and the AP’s in the last conference which was so tika!! the topic was on Urgency with a quiet dignity which way do you face? it was such a good zone conference, we broke down each word like Urgency President has felt inspired for us as missionaries to work more diligently and effectively in this work, he said we covenanted with god that we would give our ALL to him eg. TIME,talent everything for this work and then he asked each of us are you covenant keepers? just such a good zone conference sometimes you see missionaries slack abit especially with time he wants us to be urgent in everything as we are disciples of Jesus Christ! He then talked about quiet dignity and how we can talk to members about it because he has seen alot of talk in sacrament rooms and he feels we as missionaries can set the example, we are so blessed as members of this gospel to have a foyer before we go into the sacrament room for example go to a different church and as you enter you are already in the church if you know what i mean but we as members really need to take the time quietly as we sit in the sacrament room and prepare with the spirit to partake the sacrament, Elder D.Todd Christofferson once said “If one does not appreciate holy things, he will lose it.” so if we as members dont appreciate the time were given to ponder with the spirit before sacrament were just asking to lose it!! Always he told us to read the talk i forgot who it was given by but the talk Which way do you face? it honestly is such a good talk i would love for you both to read it especially you bishop it talked about something you mentioned to me last week and i thought of you straight away but it really emphasis on how deceiving satan is to make us forget to whom we face, and what we can do better as saints and followers of Christ to always face him!! please read and share it in family home evening or even with each other so you can interact to be edified!!

the mission is going good mum and bishop im super comfortable here lol the members are so loving. We have 5 family members who feed us every week and one even asked to add her so she can tag you in a picture of us her name is Marites Cerezo Soriano Macabadbad she is so nice talaga shes also the one that washes my clothes lol!! but the language is umm getting there haha and its also my trainers last week this week she leaves sunday day so shes packing and doing last minute things to get ready!! but im okay i havent yet recieved a package and leta will be getting the camera by next week or the week after so its getting there sorry its super delayed!!! but i love you both so much i always talk about you both to each active member or anyone and how blessed i was to be taught by goodly parents!! Send my love to both my beautiful grandparents i will be sure to pray harder for my piko and send my love to each of my siblings i have stopped showing the photo of our family to members because heaps have said ami is guwapo (handsome) and my trainer reckons to ask me questions about him when we were eating one night and i just said just eat your food hey kole taai styles haha but i love love love you both and miss you everyday but i know ive been given a short time to serve my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so i will be urgent in doing so!!!



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