13th – 19th June 2017 “Looked beyond the mark”

IMG_2921hi mum and dad thank you taking the time out every week to write to me, im so grateful to have parents who can do that like actually, i have come across alot of missionaries who dont get emails from there parents and if they do it would be only once or twice a month, so how blessed i am every week to recieve an email from my parents and family every week!!

aww thats so cool you guys got to go to vivid lights and even go on a cruise man thats so cool and so nice of aunty betty to do that!! where was ami? and so cool you guys got to have family home evening with butch, if theres something that i miss is having family home evening just even at home but its okay, its only for a short time πŸ™‚

this week was an okay week!! we have a had some really good lessons with our investigators and just really trying to help them come to know every principle that we teach because we have come across alot of less-actives who have fell away because of the lack of a testimony in the restoration, so as a companionship we have really tried to help our investigators build there own testimony of the restoration because that is our unique message!! i was able to have my second interview with President Hiatt it was so good!!! My mission parents are so HARD WORKING and they really do everything for us out of love, some say he is “strict” but for me honestly hes the man, i know he just sets higher rules and standards because he loves us and thats such a great love because he is just setting us out for the future. so i am on my second last week of training and this week i have to take the lead in contacting, teaching actually everything and i wont lie i am pretty nervous but i am excited at the same time because i know this will help me stretch especially in my language. We have zone conference this week so i get to see the other tongan sisters in my zone and i cant wait just to talk with someone tongan lol. Today my trainer got her hair rebonded so i had to sit in the salon for a good 5 hour wait which really helped test my patience haha nah its because shes going home soon so she is trying to prepare for it. Oh i also spoke for the first time in the ward about missionary work and i shared the story that you sent me dad about the temple and how we as a ward can all contribute to helping build his kingdom first here in the ward so thank you dad!! and mum i also shared your message about looking up and just reminding them that we have been given a eternal perspective and to continue to look up so thank you mum πŸ™‚

But this week in my studies i was reading in Jacob 4 and came across verse 14 and no passage of scripture stood out to me more then this verse, something that stood out to me was “Wherefore because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark” in this passage Jacob (Nephi’s brother) is teaching his people how the jews became a stiff necked people and the reason this verse stood out to me was because as a missionary i come across 1000 questions about this and that of the gospel and sometimes i myself look the beyond the mark in trying to answer it, like i put all my energy into trying to answer a question that is unnecessary. I thought to myself i was looking beyond the mark i was seeking for understanding far deeper then what i could even understand, i wasnt looking at my mark (Jesus Christ) and i wasnt trusting in his timing for me to understand those things and we as members know of people who have fallen away from the church because they too have “looked beyond the mark” satan wants us to go so deep into doctrine that he may deceive us as we do so, in short satan wants us to fall and become stiffnecked like the Jews. this scripture verse really helped me understand that the lord has a timing in alllll things even spiritual learning that as we continue to seek the good books he will “mete it unto us at that very hour” just have to trust him. So i was thinking of this verse and how we can expand it also eg we can look beyond the mark in material things, when we dont have enough money to buy that 20th pair of church shoes (not pointing out anyone haha) but we want it that can be looking beyond our mark our financial mark. (i am still trying to adapt to that being on the mission) But that is what stood out to me in my personal study this week and i hope you were able to learn something sorry if it doesnt make sense.

IMG_2920i am good, still healthy and still walking though i havent ran since being out on the field because its dangerous to run on these roads because the drivers here are just on another level. I was able to see a chicken get killed and how they rip of the feathers and everything so yuck tbh haha but yeah im fine im learning what things are cheaper to buy like ive replaced apples with mangos because its cheaper and ive let go of some other things so i can stay under my budget we get $216 a month and we have to pay grocery,travel,electricity and water so its hard i wont lie i even keep a finance book but i know it will help benefit me in the long run so im excited to do it πŸ™‚

IMG_2922But i know you are doing well, i feel comforted by your prayers each day and whenever things get hard i just look in my white hand book and see you guys then up and off i go so thank you for your love and comfort!!! Please continue to pray and read the scriptures daily and also please bring those less actives souls in our families to join also and have family home evening please!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH thank you for your hard work bishop and mum, i know things are so busy now that dad is bishop but continue to prioritize whats more important for our family, thank you for going to work everyday to support and provide means for the family your hard work never NEVER goes unnoticed!!



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