5th June – 12th June Real Intent

What another blessing this week has been for me, it has been all over the place with just how things were scheduled i had to work with my kabahays (roommates) for a day and a half because my trainer had to go to a career workshop because she finishes July 2nd (which is probably the same time as Sister Pauu) and then i had splits with our STL’s on thursday so everythings has just been everywhere but of course it has been a blessing.

So tuesday and Wednesday i worked with the San Gaberial Ward Sisters (kabahays) and man it was sobrang mainit 45-47c and where there area is, its hard to get tricycle’s so walking was the transport for me that day!! but working with them was really good to just experience the different ways of how people teach and to meet the people they teach also. One of those teachings that was a highlight for me was at a farm (first farm ive been to here) with one of there investigators they hadn’t visited since HTBT with them, and it was such a spiritual lesson as we were about to leave the mum invited us for her husbands birthday on saturday and at our surprise she asked for fhe, and we were like of course we dont know how she knew about family home evening but we knew that the lord truly did prepare her for us to meet her that day!! i also was privileged enough to pick mangos of a tree that there ward mission leader owned and then we ate it ahhh it was so BOH!!! i just sat there and ate about 3 green mangos sobrang masarap talaga! So on thursday i had splits with our STL’s in there area and it was hectic just to be able to see what we can improve on in PMG mastery and also our contacting as our President wants us to Testify as we contact and i have really seen the blessings of that teaching we were able to put that work into action on friday in our own area and was able to set up alot of appointments which was hecticcc, such a big difference testifying as we contact and not just contacting 🙂 But yeah when having splits all but one lesson got punted so we put into action the new way of contacting and we saw blessings straight away, we were able to meet one girl who has always desired to know of what mormons are but she hadnt yet met missionaries, so it was hectic to be able to share with her our prupose and what the gospel has that can not only bless her family now but eternally!!

But yeah thats pretty much the stands out from this week, but in my studies i really learnt ALOT!!! something that has stood out for me in my studies was Effective Studying and Real Intent and what it really ment to me and thats what i want to share with you today. What is Real Intent for you? was the question that i read and i came up with the casual answer doing something from your heart, but as i studied this topic it really is more then that and how we can apply it in our everyday life. Real Intent is yes doing something from the heart but also ACTING upon that intent, we can learn this from the example of the prophet Joseph Smith, if it wasnt for his REAL INTENT there would of been no way for this gospel to be restored because he wouldnt of acted upon the teachings of James 1:5-6. So for us are acting upon our real intents or are just going through the motions of life? Real Intent allows us to ask and evaluate ourselves each day Why am i doing this? instead of Why did i do that? As we do things with real intent it will help us prioritize what is more important in our life and also help keep an eternal perspective, it has also helped me to better myself in my preparations as a missionary and to not just go through my studies in the Book of Mormon and Bible but to prayerfully studying with Real Intent!! I know without a doubt as we study our own lives with REAL INTENT we will be blessed with the holy ghost, which will enable us to identify what is that we need to be doing now to better ourselves in our eternal perspectives 🙂 Effective Studying is also on the subject of Real Intent but i am going to email ami and dia more on it.

how has scripture reading been? how is family prayers? how is family home evening? are you guys having it today? HOWS KEEPING THE SABBATH DAY HOLY?  its so good that the work is moving forward in the ward, it will only bless them spiritually and help them keep the Sabbath day holy thank you bishop mailangi for your hand in keeping the sabbath day holy in our ward!! im always forever grateful for your words of comfort each week i always go over it during the week if i need a quick reminder on what i can better work on. But im good here just super hot but thats only a worldly thing. sorry no photos theres no card reader at this computer shop and im spewing because i actually took photos this week zz but its okay next week and also i will send a email to the ward next week. I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH i miss having just little family outings or just having family home evening but i know this is only a short time away from you guys, and dad im only 3 months on the mission not 5 haha but time is moving faster then ever im just really trying to take everything in with my trainer as she leaves in 2 weeks which is crazy fast!! But i LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH thank you for your continuoes hard work each day and i know the schedule will be all of the place now that dad is Bishop but always remember to Put the LORD first in all things!!!



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