31 May – 4 June 2017 “When you have an eternal perspective no worldly thing is a sacrifice…”

DAD i actually can believe you have been called, i have seen you shape our family and i have seen your dedication in your church callings and just like we need your guidance our ward now needs your guidance!!! dad i dont know what your feeling but im sure you know the feeling is probably kinda of like being a new missionary and being asked to teach a lesson. Dad i just want to tell you whoever the lord qualify’s he also prepares!! You were foreordained before you came here dad and there is a reason why you are called to serve now, and go find that reason dad!!! Man i still cant believe it and your Councillors also are hectic crazy!!! Thank you mum for helping fulfill your role as a mother theres a reason dad is called  and you have been and still are a massive role in that calling mum thank you for your faith and sacrifice to build this family to greater things!!

i dont even want to write anymore because im just so shocked i feel like i cant express what happened this week haha because of this amazing news!!! well i will try to keep it short but this week’s work was so good!! My companion and i were able to #PassOnBrightness a few times this week to people in need of it and honestly it was such a heart filling moment just knowing that we were able to lessen someones burden by something so simple like washing the dishes!! of course there were trials and challenges as well, for the first time this week i experienced a whole full of puntes zzz like the planned lessons and back up lessons it was pretty frustrating i wont lie but then i really got to realize the importance of a companionship we were able to pick each other up whenever we felt down so it was a good experience.  we know the lord is preparing them for another day!! this week was also the first time i fasted a whole 24 hours in my mission (my mission President wants us to do 24 hour fasts and not just 2 meals) i wont lie i was a little scared to do it because how hot it is and just thinking of walking all day but then i thought of my fav scripture 1 Nephi 3:7 and i knew the promise was sure if i just obey the lord will prepare a way and honestly the first time i have ever fasted while doing work and service and not once did i feel the need to drink or eat i was seriously so surprised!!! oh how satan was real that day like we were offered food and drinks everywhere we taught even with people we just contacted (which is the first for me) and my companion and i just looked at each other and smiled haha. on sunday we had 4 investigators come to church and 4 less-actives (our focus for this area) and one returned member which was so good to see, one of the less-actives first time since 2015 so all the members were pretty shocked to see her but we have been working really close with her and her testimony is so strong so hopefully this will be a start for her!! a story from sunday was that we planned to pick up one of our investigators because shes 85 years old so as we got off we saw her already ready which was good and then as we were about to go and she was putting on her shoes, our investigators neice and neighbour came and were like saying why are you forcing her to go?, have you asked her children? you know shes old and cant think for herself? to be honest i didnt even know what was going on but we just explained to them oh nanay wants to go and they were reassured when our investigator said i want to go so they just said to us well if anything happens you both are responsible and with that we went to church, at first i was like that was satans work 100% but the lord always provides a way!!!

thank you for your continue guidance in helping me fulfill my role as a missionary for example helping me not be complacent, im safe and everything is good here the area is hard with no investigators keeping commitments but were working hard, my tagalog is still hut but i know in his time and will i will be able to speak fluent.

i just want to let you know the temptations will be real now and to continue to work hard as a family to do the little things like daily prayer and scripture study these are the most simple things that some people miss but i can testify that these are the things that will draw us nearer to him and be able to fend off satan!! i love you both so much thank you for your continues hard work for this family and you will have a lot of things now to prioritize and just always keep in my mind that ‘When you have an eternal perspective no worldly thing is a sacrifice…”


ps tell nana and papa mailangi i said hello and OFA LAHI ATU


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