23rd May – 29th May 2017

Malo lelei mum and dad

> Mo fefe hake? how is everyone? how is work? how is the ward?

> Last weeks work was really good i was reminded each day of the Lords timing in all things literally!! so it has been raining here every afternoon like as soon as it hits 2-3pm it rains and when it rains it pours so its been doing heads because in the morning its a good 38c and then by night its still hot but raining and this week ive really been getting the biggest headache which is probably just from the weather change anywayyyysss we went about our morning duties on Tuesday and by the time we finished our first lesson it rained and yep i had no umberalla thinking it wouldn’t rain (lesson learnt lol) and my companion didn’t bring hers also so we said to each other we will just walk in the rain to our next appointment because the house was close.  Instead of going back to our apartment which was so far and then walking back,  we walked in the rain to our less-active’s appointment and what a blessing that lesson was!!! So they are a sealed family who have gone less active since last year the reason i am not sure of and i dont really care because its not for me to know but it was only the mother there with her 5 children and the oldest one being 13 and youngest 11 months, she is a stay at home mother and during the lesson she just broke down and cried she explained to us that her husband has been hitting her (which honestly just boiled my blood i just wanted to put on my mike tyson and pump the dad and i would probably beat him because he is shorter then me lollll) and she was just explaining how hard it has been for her lately her husband not coming home and if he does he is drunk and just her motherly duties are just waying down on her. She depends on his work to make means for them and i just really felt sorry for her as she was explaining this to me. I was comforted knowing that we were there to be able to comfort her and we talked about faith and the importance of not just having faith in him but also his timing for everything and she was so grateful for the lesson we taught but something that hit me the most was at the end of the lesson her son (4 years old) was kinda doing heads because he kept crying during the lesson and it wasnt till after we asked whats wrong and he said gusto ko tubig (i want water) and i was like i will get it and the little boy said we dont have any water, so i grabbed my water bottle and told him to get me a jug (they didnt even have that) so he bought me a cup and as i poured the water in the cup of this 4 year old boy my eyes just filled up with tears just knowing that literally there are people now going without water i had always seen it but i have never experienced it till now, it truly was one for the books!!!!
> anyways after that lesson we caught a tricycle to our next lesson less active family (mind you im still soaking wet lol) this family havent been to church since 2015 theres different reasons why but they havent told me so i dont really believe everyone else anyways we went to teach them and started out with 2, the mum who is now a different religion and the son.  During the lesson the sister returned for work and joined us near to the end of our lesson and as we were about to finish she stopped us and said sisters i would like to share an experience i have had today so she works as a guidance councilor and she said it is very rare to come across members or even mormons at her work and it was the first time she met one earlier that day so she had a quick chat and moved on, she then said during lunch she met one of her old seminary class mates and also had a quick chat and then she said i have met you both tonight (first time meeting her) and she goes to say i know these are signs from the lord and i confirmed to her it truly is and they are signs that he wants you home!! i was just sitting there in amazement just how that day panned out to it could of been so easy to miss those appointments because we could of just went to our apartment to get changed but the lord knew we had to meet those people and comfort them that exact day!! and oh how grateful i am to be able to be an instrument in his hands!! and thats really how my week went i was able to comfort people literally in times of need. We  had a lesson with one of the investigators who’s husband had passed away and comfort her with alma 40:11 just so many other lessons confirmed to me this week that the lord truly does prepare a way and truly does have wisdom in all things!!
That really sums up my week mum and dad, I’m so happy to find out everything at home is going good. Please continue to work hard in doing these simple things they really are the small things to help us not be complacent in this gospel and also help strengthen this eternal family!! I’m so happy to know Uncle Peter is out ahhh so exciting send him my love!! and thank you so much for your emails each week to help me in this work i always print your emails each week and read them when i need both your wisdom during the week!! oh i just remembered i tasted water buffalo (carabao they call it) for the first time with liver and who knows what i thought it was just carabao and it wasn’t till after my companion reckons to tell me that it has liver and the sauce had brains so yep hut guy but i can say that is my first and defs my LAST haha. Aunty lisa and nana and papa hopoate have emailed me this week so happy to hear from them!! Please send my love to nana and papa mailangi i love them both very very much!!
> I love you very much my beautiful parents and thank you so much for your hard work literally every day thank you for waking up every morning (even though your tired) to get up for work and provide for this family i am eternally thankful and indebted to you for your continues love, but im mostly thankful for raising me up in a home founded on the teachings of this gospel thats the greatest love you could have shown me and i share it all the time with each family or investigator i meet that homes are truly blessed when founded on the gospel i am a living breathing example i love you both so much and miss you everyday but i want to let you know i pray for you ALL every chance i get!!
> PS DIA AND LORETTA YOU BOTH LOOK HUT!!! hahaha im dead and sorry mum no photos im not a selfie kinda person lol


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