9th – 15th May 2017

HI My Beautiful Parents,

How are you both? Hows my siblings? they didnt email me again this week so please send them my love. Thank you both so much for the opportunity to sykpe you both, it was so comforting to see all of you guys and it really motivated me to be focused on this work and reminded me of how many people are at home supporting me so thank you so much mum and dad. How’s work? thank you for working hard to provide means for the family im so grateful for your hard work and sacrifice!! How is everything else?

thank you mum for last weeks assignment i didnt really notice it but it was things i was lacking so it is true when they say a parent always know what there child needs so thank you mum im so grateful i can be edified by both my parents each week because you both have a firm testimony in this gospel which can enrich mine! I had already done a grateful chart my first day here but i thought to do one again my journal because you asked too and so i completed it all in my journal mum thank you!!! Can you please also thank nana hopoate for sending me reading assignments as well D&C 84 please let her know i nearly finished my highlighter just reading that chapter it was of great comfort so please send her my love and also my Both My grandparents i miss them so much and if theres anyway they can contact me through email that would be hectic because at least i could speak to each of them every week.

IMG_2626But other then that this week was a okay week, some days get a little frustrating just because of the language or investigators but then i always try and cultivate an attitude of optimism and then im over it. My birthday was good, it was pretty hard in the morning just because maybe it was the first time but i got over myself as soon as i knelt and said my prayer for the morning but it was good my kasma and kabahays surprised me with a cake and a small pizza so super grateful, mothers day was good first one here and we thought to buy choclates for the mothers in the ward and they were so grateful for the small gesture, mothers day was good until the primary were singing mothers day songs in sacrament and then i just did the look up and blink because i was getting teary thinking of not being at home for mothers day with mum, but then i thought if its hard for me it will be hard for mum so i choose to be the stronger one and got over it so quick. something that has been bothering me lately is that i went over my patriarchal blessing last week (because i finally had the chance to print it) and i feel like the biggest fail being here on the mission already (yes i know i shouldn’t be feeling like this because im lacking courage) but somedays i really cant help it because i feel like im not living up to his expectations that he has for me in my patriarchal blessing, and mum and dad ive really been trying so hard everyday i don’t want to waste time but to serve and i still feel like im still failing, i dont know what else to try but i will continue to have faith in his time and will!!!


IMG_2627so i had companionship inventory last week and my trainer was telling me that im too serious of a missionary and that i should have a little more fun, because she feels like im not having fun because im not laughing at the jokes or joking around (main reason for that is because i seriously think there so dry like i wish you could hear the jokes haha) but being here on the mission i really dont like wasting time i feel like nana hopoate when she use to kick missionaries out of the house to not waste time but thats something thats always stuck to me even though she may have had a problem with it i explained to her that im still adjusting and its still hard for me to find a balance with things and i explained to her this work is serious and i really dont want to take it as a joke, so that was something we had to work off but its all clear now and were good shes lucky or else paii kiai!!!

But something i wanted to share with you both this week is The Importance of Keep The Sabbath Day Holy!! being on my mission ive really learnt the importance of keeping this commandment and i have already seen the blessings of keeping the sabbath day holy, it is so easy for satan to persuade us and say its ok just buy food on sunday or its ok its only facebook and thats how we determine who we wont to serve on the sabbath!! i hope you guys find the importance of this commandment as it will not only bless you but also us whole as a family as we strive to continue to keep this commandment, the lord doesn’t given for no reason he knows what will bless us in this life and keep us happy. The other thing i wanted to talk about is the importance of being ON TIME!! hahaha yep im laughing because our family are known for the ones always late, but i really have been strick on myself and how i use time, if theres one thing we cant take back, it is time, it continues to go every day!! so it is so important to be ON TIME to work, school but most important church meetings. e.g.what would happen if the angel was 2 secs late from stopping Abraham from killing his son isaac? the lord has all wisdom in time and he has placed a time for everything for a reason, so please family this week be ON TIME i know you all will be blessed as you consistently make the efforts to be on time especially to church. “When your on time, your late”

IMG_2624But that’s all from me this week family, thank you for the package you sent im so grateful trust me!! dad you will get a email next week of why i dont want to spend the money you guys send lol) the go pro i will update about it next week as i will see them this wednesday!! Continue to have daily family prayer and scripture study “NO EMPTY SEATS” and also family home evening today!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH days are getting alot easier but i still do miss you guys alot i love love love you both!!!




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