Share Brightness 2nd May – 8th May 2017

DSC00028Oh how i miss you both so very much!! thank you for emailing me and checking if things are good (which they are ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but thank you for applying the things i write to you guys each week i can testify that its not me its the spirit, every sunday night and monday morning i always pray to know what i can write to you guys that might be of help to you all so its not me writing im just an instrument. But thats so cool sii played for tonga man i couldnt imagine the atomsphere it would of been crazy, arghhh wish i was there haha!! i havent heard anything about football like nothing here no one i have met or even members watch football so its probably a good thing so i can keep focused in this work lol.

But this week has been good, i was blessed to experience my first ever splits with my STL’s and it was hecticccc!!! i was put with Sister Arnonobal for the day and man how i know the lord really did prepare her for me, she made me feel so comfortable especially in the language (something im struggling with) and she just reminded me to trust in myself, so ive been trying to apply that in my everyday work to just continually trust in myself and in his timing. On the splits i was able to teach a investigator Sister Greylynn (2nd visit) man it was such a crazy experience like legit probably hands down one of the most spiritual lessons ive been in she was just crying the whole time, one moment in the lesson i felt prompted to invite her to baptism and as soon as i was going to Sister Arnonobal did and then i realized it was the spirit whispering she is ready!! but yeah such a good experience something i will cherish. i was also able to have my first ever CSP which is service project and we gave it to our investigator Nanay (mum) Maria she is 79 yrs old and our companionship goal is to Serve as many people as we can like spoken at this years general conference so i came up with a little thing called ‘Share Brightness’ so we have never met this investigator before until we came across her weeding her garden and asked if she needed help and she said oh yes please but come another day its to hot for you right now (low key happy she said that haha nah jokes) but just through a simple question we were able to serve her and honestly ive never gardened before so i feel sorry for her garden because i was just pulling anything haha my fingers were gone i thought that we would be mowing the ground nope knife and hands no gloves to literally mow her lawn. it was so hot but honestly i couldnt feel it because we were serving!!! this week i was also blessed to have my first fast sunday so yep first fast they advise in this area not to fast because its 40 plus everyday and we need the water so i was looking forward to this fast sunday, and man how i saw the blessings from fast!! we were able to work with a fellowshipper on sunday (which was a blessing from the fast because its something we have been wanting) it was so good to have her share her experiences and testimony with the people we taught and met, im so thankful for her love and sacrifice for the missionaries especially my companion and i. the next blessing i saw from fast was having the opportunity to have Tatay Sadural with us during FHE (we have fhe every sunday with this family and its my first sunday we had it with him he is less active and also working) but it was such a good FHE his daughter was crying while sharing her testimony it was just such a spiritual FHE so happy and blessed to have him there as well!!


Cooking station


But thats all from this week family i have recieved nana hopoates letter so i will reply to her by next week hopefully so please thank her for writing to me and tell her i recieved it. Letas Go Pro i have sent but i havent heard anything back so i will follow up this friday when i see President Hiatt and update you guys next week ๐Ÿ™‚ But im really good hey im still struggling in tagalog and man its crazy its like all the words i learnt in tongan i have already forgetten because of learning this language so i think its a sign to stop worrying about what i want and start worrying about what the lord wants for me. but i kno in his time and will i will be able to pick up this language and i guess i just have to stretch myself as much as i can till i pick it up. But how are you all? hows everything? tell me every little detail i want to know haha? well i want to commit you guys in reading president Benson ‘Love the first commandment’ it was such a good read and i really want to continually but it into to action while being here on the mission. But im good mum and dad im learning each and everyday and my weaknesses are being shown unto me everyday in which i love because i hope to strenghten them not for me but so i can be in comfort to those in need!!


My very first service project out on my mission

I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH thank you again for fulfilling your roles as parents i couldnt be here if it wasnt for you both i pray every day whenever i get the chance and thank you again for the box you shouldnt of worried.

Love Sister Mailangi

sorry forgot to mention please read 2 Nephi 14:6 and try and use this scripture for home ๐Ÿ™‚ continue to strenghten one another so theres no ’empty seats in heaven’


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