25th April – 1 May


wow thank you so much for the email and updating me on everyone so good to hear that there doing well. What are small world that they are related to people so close not surprised though because it is tonga haha but thank you so much mum and dad sorry if im being or will ever be fakahela please remind me when things are too fakahela!! thank you mum for sharing that scripture crazy to think i came across that same scripture this week in my personal study and i thought of you guys straight away because lately i have been really praying hard about you guys at home i dont know why like obviously i miss you but im not homesick no way!!! anyways dad thank you so much for your scripture you shared with me in D&C 112 i dont think you understand the timing of your scripture like i cant even explain it, last week even though i loved it there was something still missing and when i pondered on that scripture i knew what i was missing and it was LOVE in vv.11 yes i give it and have it pero it was ‘Partial” it was to everyone, everything and anytime, so yes i was i really loved that section thank you dad!!!

well what a week this week has been it was a good week too i really learnt alot about my self and i really love that!!! Tuesday i had my first zone conference and it was so good President Hiatt and Sister Hiatt spoke on ‘Beware of Pride’ (which i would love you all to read and study it) and man it was crazy because i didnt even know somethings i was even doing was prideful so i truly loved it, they also spoke on the importance teaching from the book of mormon and you know whats crazy about all of this is that this whole week finding, fhe with members and also teaching investigators we came across this as there concern ‘PRIDE’ and the book of mormon it really reminded me how much our father in heaven knows and has wisdom in everythinggggg!!! like he knew the people he prepared for us to meet, needed the comfort of pride and he knew i was prepared to he ‘prepared a way for me’ so just one of the many miracles this week. one day this week i forgot which day i think it was Wednesday i woke up just really down mostly because i cant get the language (which is super frustrating) and i was just down then i thought well im not leaving this house with an attitude like this because the spirit wont dwell and this isn’t my work so i went to the room and said i prayer and honestly the first time i felt an instant answer i was lacking faith!!!! and i was like wow i wanna read more about faith and yeah i knew it was something you hope for but cant see but was i really believing that!! so in personal study i came across with my answer i truly was lacking faith i wasn’t hoping for something i couldn’t see (mastering the language) and i really wasn’t trusting in his time as much as i say i didn’t have real FAITH, and while studying it just made me realize you know why its the first principle of this gospel you know like without faith you wont believe in any other thing after it, so after that moment i said a prayer of great gratitude and seeked repentance!! so thats my learning’s from this week and im so happy i encountered it like its just helping me stretch to be the missionary he wants me to be! we had 2 investigators come to church (it was stake conference) and one of them we’ve really only taught one lesson so it was cool to see him (brother joseph) no less actives 😦 and our recent convert. this week work was hard we only found 3 new investigators which was disappointing for me but i know in his time and will we will be able to find who he has prepared and i know numbers dont matter because one soul is great in the sight of god :).

but hows family scripture study, prayer and family home evening!!! its so sad to see majority of our ward have at least one family member who is less active and its normally the fathers here i dont know why but its like the culture here!! so when we go and have fhe with these families i just seat there and think to myself man im soooo grateful my parents brought me up in this gospel and we had scripture study (even though at times we lacked) family prayer and family home evening because it really did shape me into who i am today, so THANK YOU mum and dad for showing the importance of these things i hope and pray everyday that you guys continually do these things it may not look like much now but it really is something i look back on now and am so grateful for!!!! i want to thank you for showing me the importance of church callings no matter how busy you guys were you guys always went to church meetings or done whatever was needed for your church callings so thank you!!! i also want to thank you dad for being a worthy priesthood holder!! alot of the fathers here are less active and it made me realize how grateful i was to have a father who was worthy everyday of this sacred power and i really hope ami is continually worthy of this power for you never know when someone might need it!!

this week we had alot of meal appointments fall through due to them being busy so i fell back on junk food because it was so cheap and quick as a meal so i was binge eating junk all last week which is disgusting so im back on the diet this week. first time last night we had no dinner we had planned with a family dinner and they fell through and we had nothing to cook at home because we really do rely on our appointments and because no money kiai haha so yeah just something i guess i have to get use to for a missionary!! i miss keke isite and lu kapapulu ahhhh miss it so much but its ok i can have that after!!

this week my challenge to you all to have and really do have family prayer and scripture study every day yes EVERYDAY it will only strengthen all of you as a family and its the best protection from this world today!! 2 Nephi 15 and 16 like these verses describe ‘find a delight in the scriptures’ dont make it a burden!! pray everyday if you dont want to pray, pray until you want to pray being on the mission really helped me know the importance of prayer!! and family home evening oh how good those memories were when we had family home evenings i really know it will strengthen each of you its the best love a parent can show is when they love through this gospel because thats how i know you both truly love me!!!

but yes im okay mum and dad when walking at night i just laugh thinking man if dad saw me walking in this hour he would probably die because no lights haha but im okay i know im safe, i also gave in the go pro to sister hiatt she told me there going to try and send it with someone serving in australia so if it gets there its gets there i know he will prepare a way for that but please save the photos there the ones from MTC and leta can have the camera for her 18th birthday 🙂 also with the Skype i will skype you guys we have a choice of calling or skype but mum wants to skype so skype it is then i dont think i can do 8-9pm only because im working by then is there another time you guys will all be availble only because when i call only 40 mins and if it takes 20 mins to prepare everyone then thats 20 mins wasted.


Sister Mailangi

‘koe ngaue ke ikuna
Koe ikuna ke fiefia
koe fiefia ke tae’naata”


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