“every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple” 17th – 24th April 2017

oku ou sai pe still moving and walking so im good. thank you dad for emailing me its so good to hear from you and to hear that everyone is okay. hahaha i cant stop laughing at anthony still up to his old tricks hey man i miss him so much. how is teta finding the easter show? thats good everyone is doing good i will write a letter to nana and papa this week and send it this week or next week if i have time. but thank you for sharing the importance of being exactly obedient its something i can always work on everyday and i will be sure to read D&C 122 so thank you for your counsel dad i really grateful to be able to have a dad with the priesthood to counsel me i will never take that for granted.
this week has been a good week i have really adjusted myself more this week and really making myself at home because this will be home for the next 6-7 months but im truly grateful for trainer and roommates who have helped with that. in terms of weather hot as always like 43+ every day but im use to it now and something thats so crazy is that i don’t feel the heat like i really don’t it feels like Sydney weather to me and i think that’s because when im serving others im really forgetting about myself. i have been really comforted through the holy ghost in each of my studies this either personal or companion and i really love learning from the book of Mormon each day i find something new from chapters i have already read you know i just love that!! something that im really struggling with is the language and of course i would but i have been really impatient with it sometimes and i have to remind myself ive only been here for 2 weeks and yes it is a great reminder for me not only that i need to trust in his time and will of when it will come it will come so thats one thing i learnt this week as well. the members here are great there super supportive and we have dinner with the same families 5 days a week and it may not be much but im already full knowing that they sacrificed what would normally feed just the 4 of them to feed 2 more. so yes this place is continually humbling me. we had 2 investigators, 2 less actives and our recent convert come to church on sunday which was great to see but i want to see all of our 10 investigators there but i know its in his due time. one thing that stood out for me is when we teach or meet investigators for the first time and we have to give a overview of the restoration and something that stood out to me this week is how the gospel blesses families and even though i read over it soooo many times it really hit me how much its blessed our family!! and i thought how grateful i am that i was able to be bought up in a home of the gospel and how much its helped and shaped my life, so im thankful for both my parents yes both of you guys for bringing me up in this gospel and help build my foundation in this gospel so when i go out to a world full of changing values i dont change and im so grateful for that and for both of you!! another thing that stood out to me is how grateful i am of knowing why i go through trials!! alot of people that we meet dont know why and it really humbles me that through this gospel i know why we go through trials and tribulations because of our purpose here on earth is to learn and grow, it changes the question from why i go through this to i know why!! so yeah thats something i picked up this week through my teachings, i also picked up another weakness is that im selfish haha yes i admit it but at home not with food or anything (because you have taught me that) but more in myself like for example im not really talkative with my companion because i want to learn the language more so instead of bonding and strengthening our companionship im too busy doing i i i things so i have to put that into work and stop being selfish so sorry if i was every selfish at home and i know i was and im so sorry!!!! but everything is good i think i was being a little dramatic last week but im okay now i dont need money i should be okay and just need to eat within my means so don’t worry about me mum and dad truly you both have already too much on your hands at home so don’t let me be another burden im on the lords errand so im okay i promise!!! Im sending my go pro for loretta’s birthday please tell her just to save all my photos and videos on the memory card because its precious moments from the MTC and a little from here so you guys wont be getting anymore photos haha but yes im giving it to presidents wife tomorrow to send it 🙂 tell her sorry i dont have much thats all i can think of for her big 18th birthday!!! what did you guys do anyways for her birthday? oh quick question for mothers day what do you want me to do call or skype? i really want to call you so you guys can see me when i get home and it will be much sweeter but then that would be selfish of me if you guys wanted to skype so what did you want? but i have tried to watch what ive been eating i havent eaten bread the past 2 weeks and plan on not eating it throughout these 18 months but of course if i get fed it i will eat it but other then that ive limited my junk as well hoping to get off it as much as well. but yeah everything is okay on this side i hope you guys are okay actually i know your okay because my MTC President reminded me dont worry about home there okay because your here!!! and thats what comforts me knowing just be here is keeping you guys “OKAY”!! my commitment this week is found in MOSIAH 8:5-6 (chapter i read in preparation for district meeting) in this chapter king Benjamin is counseling his people and in these verses it talks about my families coming together to listen to his counsel but one thing stood out to me and it is found in chapter 6 “every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple”, so family is your door “facing the temple”? or what can you do better as a FAMILY to face your tent to the temple? i know as you face your door more to the temple the lord will bless you and also as a family, as you know the temple is the closest thing to heaven here on earth and thats something we shouldn’t take for granted, so if it means to let go of your worldly possessions for 3 mins to say a family prayer i know it will strengthen you as family, i know by the simple and little things as scripture study and prayer it will help each of you draw nearer to god as the last general conference said “LET GO OF THE WORLDLY THINGS TO HOLD ONTO ETERNITY” so is 5 mins on the phone more important then scripture reading (eternity). I LOVE YOU MUM AND DAD SO MUCH i feel your comfort and prayers and just know i pray for you both all the time thank you for bringing me up in a home of the gospel thank you for working long hours to provide for the means of the family i may not have appreciated it as much before but i really do appreciate it now.
Sister Mailangi

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