Let go of the world so we can hold onto Eternity 12th -17th April 2017



Hi mum and dad oh how good it is to say hello to you after not emailing you in a week!! and yes i have landed in Cauayan it is sobrang mahinit (hot) like super hot. my first area is tuguagarao north and yes that is the hottest city in Philippines and yes i am staying here for at least 6 to 7 months (my trainer told me that because she finishes in 4 months and i will be her companion for those 4 and then she said they normally don’t transfer 2 missionaries out of a area so since shes going im here for another cycle) and yes i am going to be apo looking by the end of these 6 months!! haha. it is hard i wont lie but i didnt expect anything less, its been so hard the last few days to adjust when i landed i had a breathing problem the same thing i had at home except it was so bad because of this weather and air as it is polluted i was getting weak and dizzy, Presidents wife called and really wanted me to go hospital and so did my trainer but i remembered what papa said NO SICK days so i stuck to that i believe he will prepare a way for me and im just going to have to suck it up, but it was hard i started crying lol my first night because i thought of you and dad and how much you guys help me when things like that come up i always know that you guys would be there to comfort me and im so grateful for that!! i really did miss you guys that night, but im okay now just taking little steps but i guess the lord has this planned for me so i will be okay.


second thing that was hard to adjust how they live, i live in a apartment of 4 and im the only non philippino, they dont use toilet paper (though that quickly changed the first night i got there) we have no shower or hot water, where we normally eat is legit peoples cooking that they make and serve it out front with rice like customers come and touch it and everything, no washing machine as well lol so hand washing kiai but out of this you know something really made it easy for me to adjust was both my parents!!! yes you guys thank you for bringing me up in a home where you taught ‘being grateful’ even though these things are “hut” im grateful that i even have water to wash myself, food to eat and a shelter over my head!!! im totally okay with it but i just limit the amount of water i drink outside because no one uses toilet paper around here lol but the work is so good it is hot but when im outside it doesnt even affect me because i just love this work!!! we have got fed a few times by members and its so humbling them serving us food even though they dont even have much! a member hand washes our clothes for 150pesos yeah its so helpful because i hand washed only my lighter clothings and i was over it!!! the language is hard i didnt want to speak the first few days while contacting because of the language barrier but then while personal study on my third day i was comforted because the spirit speaks many languages and even though they might not understand me and i might not understand them the spirit will let them feel it and testify of the truth quick example we taught a lesson with a recent convert he is old like older then papa he speaks ilaqano, my trainer speaks tagalog and i was speaking english so just imagine that haha but lucky for us we have his wife who is the translator from tagalog to ilaqano. my trainer is so nice so caring and obedient everything i wanted in a trainer she really has been helping me alot her name is Sister Majerano she leaves in july!! anywaysssssss how was general conference? how amazing was it hey i loved watching all of it and having the opportunity to watch it at the MTC!! im so proud of you all for your efforts to go to all sessions and really listen with open ears and hearts and i have alot of favourite talks but i really wanted to just write a few key points that stood out to me:
1. The importance of READING THE BOOK OF MORMON there’s no way the prophet would talk about it if it wasn’t important there is a reason why he emphasized on reading the book of mormon and i encourage you all to protect each other and as a family by reading the book of mormon it will strengthen you as a family and protect you from the changing values of this world.
2. there were a few talks that talked about HIS TIME and HIS WILL in this world it is super easy to forget about what he has in store for us because we forget about what our purpose is but i really encourage you all to ‘Realign your will to his will’ if you havent check what your not doing now that can help you realign your will to his i know he will bless you as you do this for your efforts and it will not only bless you now but in the next life. “Reroute your Route”
3. i forgot which speaker though there was one that emphasized the scripture which talks about a son doing what he sees the father do and im so grateful for dad and also you mum for being such hard workers though if there is something that we can do it better is showing that we love people so that the people watching can do the same as actions speak louder then words

but those are the things that stood out to me family i truly miss and love you so much it really hit me the first week being here not having anyone anymore like Sister Taofi but i know why im here and the reason ive been called here i just need to Keep on Keeping On and in his due time he will bless not only me but you family im doing this for you!!! How are all my siblings i haven’t heared from them yet?. Also im going to send my gopro over for letas birthday and also because i have no use of it here i will just get a camera here so can you send me some money please haha i will go shopping for it today and if i have enough on me its okay dont worry about sending money they have western union here though i dont know how it works. but other then that im okay family i really miss and love you heaps!!!!!

“Let go of the world, so we can hold on to Eternity” – Gary.B.Sabin

aka #SBW13

ps photo attached are for both april babies LOWLOW and LORETTA my roomie made the sign this morning


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