sobrang magand 1st – 7th April 2017

and ohhhh papa man i really feel bad for him but i know the lord will look out for him please give him a big uma!!! i really do miss and love piko so much!!!!! i will be sure to think of him at my last temple session for 17 months today. Oua go anthony and dont worry about how many tries you made did you tackle siana? and oh mad leta is still playing rugby hectic!
this week was such a good week, since the temple opening and going every Thursday (P day) i really have enjoyed every visit and each visit is special because i have met a lady she is tongan her name is Sister Nasio she always greet us in tongan and just hug us but i never got to really talk to her anyways fast forward to sunday on the way to sacred temple time (which is the time we get to hang and take photos at temple) i saw her walking and Sister Taofi and i ran up to get a photo with her she is so nice her and her husband are serving a temple mission there from utah america and guess what her husbands name is its Viliami so as soon as i saw him in temple clothing i couldnt help but think of papa serving and working in the temple ;( but anyways she was talking to us and crying to all of us tongans just saying how thankful she is for serving our missions and it was all in tongan so reminded me so much of both my nanas and papas she was telling us to not eat balot and to always be clean not to eat street food (which reminded me of my namesake lol) but she was so nice she told us she was going to make keke isite for all of us girls this sunday for general conference and our last sacred time at the temple she was going overboards and wanted to make lu and that but we were like no way thats too fakahela so we agreed on just keke but honestly just the thought of making it was so nice honestly just hearing her talk and hug is really reminded me of both my grandparents and how much sometimes i can take them for granted im so thankful for them both and i will love them forever!!


we also were able to proselyte this week again which was yesterday such an amazing and humbling experience this time we went to manila mission (Sister taofi’s) mission and it was so cool just like the other time all our appointments fell through because they werent home so went finding it was so fun!! had my first rejection but it was probaby the nicest rejection ever!!! i was in a trio with one of my kasmas sister langi and Sister Jumawid (who finishes her mission in 2 weeks) shes filipino and she was soooo good she taught the first person we found and then let us do the rest we found 5 new investigators in the space of 2 hours just goes to show how much the lord is preparing a way for this work to come to pass. but yeah that was probably the highlights of this week mum not much really each day i get to go temple to teach and learn how filipinos speak and each day i always meet someone who travels so far to be at the temple like met a youth group from cauyuan who did baptism for the dead for the first time how crazy is that!! but i do really miss you all we had testimony meeting last sunday and i bore my testimony being my last sunday


IMG_2088(because we have general conference this week) but it was such a spiritual moment i did it half tagalog and english. something i bore my testimony on and which ive tried to really put work in is ‘Cultivating a attitude of optimism’ there will be alot of times as a missionary i will come across trials but i know if i just wake up with a right attitude im half way there yes i complain alot but putting this into work this week really helped me appreciate the small things. so if you can please tell everyone this week to do everything with a little more optimism they will see how much it changes there perspective of things especially trials!! also if use could write 5-10 questions down that you want to be answered for general conference this week that would be sobrang maganda!!! also please keep me in your prayers this week i will need the comfort for next week as i will be leaving SISTER TAOFI WEDNESDAY MORNING around 1 or 2 in the morning to my field i will miss her so much and then it will probably really hit me but this work has to go on im not here for myself there are people waiting to this gospel!!! I LOVE YOU ALL i really do i think about you all the time but i know you are taken care of if you have any questions or anything i can help you with please email me!! I have hit my one month how crazy has time gone hey and this will be my last email being at the MTC!!!

aka SBW13

ps mum not to sure if i can email when i get to cauyuan they said i would probably have to wait another week and a half to email so i will be ok and im not worried it will help me focus more on my purpose


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