Month: April 2017

“every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple” 17th – 24th April 2017

oku ou sai pe still moving and walking so im good. thank you dad for emailing me its so good to hear from you and to hear that everyone is okay. hahaha i cant stop laughing at anthony still up to his old tricks hey man i miss him so much. how is teta finding the easter show? thats good everyone is doing good i will write a letter to nana and papa this week and send it this week or next week if i have time. but thank you for sharing the importance of being exactly obedient its something i can always work on everyday and i will be sure to read D&C 122 so thank you for your counsel dad i really grateful to be able to have a dad with the priesthood to counsel me i will never take that for granted.
this week has been a good week i have really adjusted myself more this week and really making myself at home because this will be home for the next 6-7 months but im truly grateful for trainer and roommates who have helped with that. in terms of weather hot as always like 43+ every day but im use to it now and something thats so crazy is that i don’t feel the heat like i really don’t it feels like Sydney weather to me and i think that’s because when im serving others im really forgetting about myself. i have been really comforted through the holy ghost in each of my studies this either personal or companion and i really love learning from the book of Mormon each day i find something new from chapters i have already read you know i just love that!! something that im really struggling with is the language and of course i would but i have been really impatient with it sometimes and i have to remind myself ive only been here for 2 weeks and yes it is a great reminder for me not only that i need to trust in his time and will of when it will come it will come so thats one thing i learnt this week as well. the members here are great there super supportive and we have dinner with the same families 5 days a week and it may not be much but im already full knowing that they sacrificed what would normally feed just the 4 of them to feed 2 more. so yes this place is continually humbling me. we had 2 investigators, 2 less actives and our recent convert come to church on sunday which was great to see but i want to see all of our 10 investigators there but i know its in his due time. one thing that stood out for me is when we teach or meet investigators for the first time and we have to give a overview of the restoration and something that stood out to me this week is how the gospel blesses families and even though i read over it soooo many times it really hit me how much its blessed our family!! and i thought how grateful i am that i was able to be bought up in a home of the gospel and how much its helped and shaped my life, so im thankful for both my parents yes both of you guys for bringing me up in this gospel and help build my foundation in this gospel so when i go out to a world full of changing values i dont change and im so grateful for that and for both of you!! another thing that stood out to me is how grateful i am of knowing why i go through trials!! alot of people that we meet dont know why and it really humbles me that through this gospel i know why we go through trials and tribulations because of our purpose here on earth is to learn and grow, it changes the question from why i go through this to i know why!! so yeah thats something i picked up this week through my teachings, i also picked up another weakness is that im selfish haha yes i admit it but at home not with food or anything (because you have taught me that) but more in myself like for example im not really talkative with my companion because i want to learn the language more so instead of bonding and strengthening our companionship im too busy doing i i i things so i have to put that into work and stop being selfish so sorry if i was every selfish at home and i know i was and im so sorry!!!! but everything is good i think i was being a little dramatic last week but im okay now i dont need money i should be okay and just need to eat within my means so don’t worry about me mum and dad truly you both have already too much on your hands at home so don’t let me be another burden im on the lords errand so im okay i promise!!! Im sending my go pro for loretta’s birthday please tell her just to save all my photos and videos on the memory card because its precious moments from the MTC and a little from here so you guys wont be getting anymore photos haha but yes im giving it to presidents wife tomorrow to send it đŸ™‚ tell her sorry i dont have much thats all i can think of for her big 18th birthday!!! what did you guys do anyways for her birthday? oh quick question for mothers day what do you want me to do call or skype? i really want to call you so you guys can see me when i get home and it will be much sweeter but then that would be selfish of me if you guys wanted to skype so what did you want? but i have tried to watch what ive been eating i havent eaten bread the past 2 weeks and plan on not eating it throughout these 18 months but of course if i get fed it i will eat it but other then that ive limited my junk as well hoping to get off it as much as well. but yeah everything is okay on this side i hope you guys are okay actually i know your okay because my MTC President reminded me dont worry about home there okay because your here!!! and thats what comforts me knowing just be here is keeping you guys “OKAY”!! my commitment this week is found in MOSIAH 8:5-6 (chapter i read in preparation for district meeting) in this chapter king Benjamin is counseling his people and in these verses it talks about my families coming together to listen to his counsel but one thing stood out to me and it is found in chapter 6 “every man having his tent with the door thereof towards the temple”, so family is your door “facing the temple”? or what can you do better as a FAMILY to face your tent to the temple? i know as you face your door more to the temple the lord will bless you and also as a family, as you know the temple is the closest thing to heaven here on earth and thats something we shouldn’t take for granted, so if it means to let go of your worldly possessions for 3 mins to say a family prayer i know it will strengthen you as family, i know by the simple and little things as scripture study and prayer it will help each of you draw nearer to god as the last general conference said “LET GO OF THE WORLDLY THINGS TO HOLD ONTO ETERNITY” so is 5 mins on the phone more important then scripture reading (eternity). I LOVE YOU MUM AND DAD SO MUCH i feel your comfort and prayers and just know i pray for you both all the time thank you for bringing me up in a home of the gospel thank you for working long hours to provide for the means of the family i may not have appreciated it as much before but i really do appreciate it now.
Sister Mailangi

Let go of the world so we can hold onto Eternity 12th -17th April 2017



Hi mum and dad oh how good it is to say hello to you after not emailing you in a week!! and yes i have landed in Cauayan it is sobrang mahinit (hot) like super hot. my first area is tuguagarao north and yes that is the hottest city in Philippines and yes i am staying here for at least 6 to 7 months (my trainer told me that because she finishes in 4 months and i will be her companion for those 4 and then she said they normally don’t transfer 2 missionaries out of a area so since shes going im here for another cycle) and yes i am going to be apo looking by the end of these 6 months!! haha. it is hard i wont lie but i didnt expect anything less, its been so hard the last few days to adjust when i landed i had a breathing problem the same thing i had at home except it was so bad because of this weather and air as it is polluted i was getting weak and dizzy, Presidents wife called and really wanted me to go hospital and so did my trainer but i remembered what papa said NO SICK days so i stuck to that i believe he will prepare a way for me and im just going to have to suck it up, but it was hard i started crying lol my first night because i thought of you and dad and how much you guys help me when things like that come up i always know that you guys would be there to comfort me and im so grateful for that!! i really did miss you guys that night, but im okay now just taking little steps but i guess the lord has this planned for me so i will be okay.


second thing that was hard to adjust how they live, i live in a apartment of 4 and im the only non philippino, they dont use toilet paper (though that quickly changed the first night i got there) we have no shower or hot water, where we normally eat is legit peoples cooking that they make and serve it out front with rice like customers come and touch it and everything, no washing machine as well lol so hand washing kiai but out of this you know something really made it easy for me to adjust was both my parents!!! yes you guys thank you for bringing me up in a home where you taught ‘being grateful’ even though these things are “hut” im grateful that i even have water to wash myself, food to eat and a shelter over my head!!! im totally okay with it but i just limit the amount of water i drink outside because no one uses toilet paper around here lol but the work is so good it is hot but when im outside it doesnt even affect me because i just love this work!!! we have got fed a few times by members and its so humbling them serving us food even though they dont even have much! a member hand washes our clothes for 150pesos yeah its so helpful because i hand washed only my lighter clothings and i was over it!!! the language is hard i didnt want to speak the first few days while contacting because of the language barrier but then while personal study on my third day i was comforted because the spirit speaks many languages and even though they might not understand me and i might not understand them the spirit will let them feel it and testify of the truth quick example we taught a lesson with a recent convert he is old like older then papa he speaks ilaqano, my trainer speaks tagalog and i was speaking english so just imagine that haha but lucky for us we have his wife who is the translator from tagalog to ilaqano. my trainer is so nice so caring and obedient everything i wanted in a trainer she really has been helping me alot her name is Sister Majerano she leaves in july!! anywaysssssss how was general conference? how amazing was it hey i loved watching all of it and having the opportunity to watch it at the MTC!! im so proud of you all for your efforts to go to all sessions and really listen with open ears and hearts and i have alot of favourite talks but i really wanted to just write a few key points that stood out to me:
1. The importance of READING THE BOOK OF MORMON there’s no way the prophet would talk about it if it wasn’t important there is a reason why he emphasized on reading the book of mormon and i encourage you all to protect each other and as a family by reading the book of mormon it will strengthen you as a family and protect you from the changing values of this world.
2. there were a few talks that talked about HIS TIME and HIS WILL in this world it is super easy to forget about what he has in store for us because we forget about what our purpose is but i really encourage you all to ‘Realign your will to his will’ if you havent check what your not doing now that can help you realign your will to his i know he will bless you as you do this for your efforts and it will not only bless you now but in the next life. “Reroute your Route”
3. i forgot which speaker though there was one that emphasized the scripture which talks about a son doing what he sees the father do and im so grateful for dad and also you mum for being such hard workers though if there is something that we can do it better is showing that we love people so that the people watching can do the same as actions speak louder then words

but those are the things that stood out to me family i truly miss and love you so much it really hit me the first week being here not having anyone anymore like Sister Taofi but i know why im here and the reason ive been called here i just need to Keep on Keeping On and in his due time he will bless not only me but you family im doing this for you!!! How are all my siblings i haven’t heared from them yet?. Also im going to send my gopro over for letas birthday and also because i have no use of it here i will just get a camera here so can you send me some money please haha i will go shopping for it today and if i have enough on me its okay dont worry about sending money they have western union here though i dont know how it works. but other then that im okay family i really miss and love you heaps!!!!!

“Let go of the world, so we can hold on to Eternity” – Gary.B.Sabin

aka #SBW13

ps photo attached are for both april babies LOWLOW and LORETTA my roomie made the sign this morning

Arrives to Philippines Cauyuan Mission 12 April 2017


78 Burgos Street
3306 Cauayan City
Isabela, Philippines

April 12, 2017

Dear Family of Sister Mailangi,

We are happy to let you know that your daughter arrived safely today as a missionary in the Philippines Cauayan Mission. After her arrival we had a welcome luncheon and orientation meeting. I also had the opportunity to have a wonderful interview with her before she met her prayerfully selected companion and trainer.


Sister Mailangi will be serving in the Tuguegarao North Zone. Enclosed is a map on which we have marked the location of her first proselyting area. She will be working with Sister Majerano who will carefully train and introduce Sister Mailangi to missionary work in the field. We encourage you to write to her every week. Please share positive, uplifting messages that will support and help her stay focused on this sacred work. Such contact from home can build a great foundation for a successful mission.

This is a wonderful mission and we are grateful to have Sister Mailangi here. The new missionaries always bring with them an exciting and special spirit. Please know that we will watch over her with great concern. We look forward to serving together. We know that with your support and encouragement, she will progress and strengthen beyond your expectations and develop a great love for her fellow missionaries and the precious people she will serve, teach, and bless.


May the Lord bless you for all you have done to help Sister Mailangi prepare for this mission. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at

With warmest regards,

President C Russell Hiatt

Sister Sulet Hiatt
Your missionary’s mailing address is: Philippines Cauayan Mission
78 Burgos Street
3305 Cauayan City
Isabela, Philippines

sobrang magand 1st – 7th April 2017

and ohhhh papa man i really feel bad for him but i know the lord will look out for him please give him a big uma!!! i really do miss and love piko so much!!!!! i will be sure to think of him at my last temple session for 17 months today. Oua go anthony and dont worry about how many tries you made did you tackle siana? and oh mad leta is still playing rugby hectic!
this week was such a good week, since the temple opening and going every Thursday (P day) i really have enjoyed every visit and each visit is special because i have met a lady she is tongan her name is Sister Nasio she always greet us in tongan and just hug us but i never got to really talk to her anyways fast forward to sunday on the way to sacred temple time (which is the time we get to hang and take photos at temple) i saw her walking and Sister Taofi and i ran up to get a photo with her she is so nice her and her husband are serving a temple mission there from utah america and guess what her husbands name is its Viliami so as soon as i saw him in temple clothing i couldnt help but think of papa serving and working in the temple ;( but anyways she was talking to us and crying to all of us tongans just saying how thankful she is for serving our missions and it was all in tongan so reminded me so much of both my nanas and papas she was telling us to not eat balot and to always be clean not to eat street food (which reminded me of my namesake lol) but she was so nice she told us she was going to make keke isite for all of us girls this sunday for general conference and our last sacred time at the temple she was going overboards and wanted to make lu and that but we were like no way thats too fakahela so we agreed on just keke but honestly just the thought of making it was so nice honestly just hearing her talk and hug is really reminded me of both my grandparents and how much sometimes i can take them for granted im so thankful for them both and i will love them forever!!


we also were able to proselyte this week again which was yesterday such an amazing and humbling experience this time we went to manila mission (Sister taofi’s) mission and it was so cool just like the other time all our appointments fell through because they werent home so went finding it was so fun!! had my first rejection but it was probaby the nicest rejection ever!!! i was in a trio with one of my kasmas sister langi and Sister Jumawid (who finishes her mission in 2 weeks) shes filipino and she was soooo good she taught the first person we found and then let us do the rest we found 5 new investigators in the space of 2 hours just goes to show how much the lord is preparing a way for this work to come to pass. but yeah that was probably the highlights of this week mum not much really each day i get to go temple to teach and learn how filipinos speak and each day i always meet someone who travels so far to be at the temple like met a youth group from cauyuan who did baptism for the dead for the first time how crazy is that!! but i do really miss you all we had testimony meeting last sunday and i bore my testimony being my last sunday


IMG_2088(because we have general conference this week) but it was such a spiritual moment i did it half tagalog and english. something i bore my testimony on and which ive tried to really put work in is ‘Cultivating a attitude of optimism’ there will be alot of times as a missionary i will come across trials but i know if i just wake up with a right attitude im half way there yes i complain alot but putting this into work this week really helped me appreciate the small things. so if you can please tell everyone this week to do everything with a little more optimism they will see how much it changes there perspective of things especially trials!! also if use could write 5-10 questions down that you want to be answered for general conference this week that would be sobrang maganda!!! also please keep me in your prayers this week i will need the comfort for next week as i will be leaving SISTER TAOFI WEDNESDAY MORNING around 1 or 2 in the morning to my field i will miss her so much and then it will probably really hit me but this work has to go on im not here for myself there are people waiting to this gospel!!! I LOVE YOU ALL i really do i think about you all the time but i know you are taken care of if you have any questions or anything i can help you with please email me!! I have hit my one month how crazy has time gone hey and this will be my last email being at the MTC!!!

aka SBW13

ps mum not to sure if i can email when i get to cauyuan they said i would probably have to wait another week and a half to email so i will be ok and im not worried it will help me focus more on my purpose