10th – 16th March Maganda Hapoon



DCIM100GOPROMum and dad thats good they are loving the pics im not taking much now because im over it haha but thats so good to hear fefin and dia and doing new things anthony aye learning guitar thats mad he must be loving it so much and tell leta to go practice with dia her passing (because we all know how hectic they are) hahaha but please record her next game so i can see it. But how was family home evening on monday? Yeah im trying to spend as much time with elder Hopoate before he leaves and im not too sure about the language because i cant see it but all the MTC teachers and cooks have said that we are the quickest batch they’ve seen thats picked up the language that quick so maybe. But the MTC was really good this week very tiring i wont lie about that im still adjusting like time wise is ok with me its just sitting in a classroom for 3-4 hours and just constantly learning and hearing tagalog, ive learnt alot about myself this week i have discovered one of my not many weaknesses lol which is pride (and yes mum i could just imagine you reading this and saying finally) hoii but yes i did while teaching an investigator i couldnt express my feelings in tagalog so i just sat there being prideful and man i discovered how quick the spirit can disappear but yes im still learning!! you dont understand how much i miss everyone i still think of use everyday especially today it really hit me because we went to the temple early in the morning and i couldnt stop thinking about everyone but especially papa im was so thankful for his example and love for the temple it really hit me hard and then when i went in the celestial room game over!!! lol but that was my spiritual highlight of the week i hope you guys are okay? oh my companions are good there really teaching me patience and love lol weve been late a couple times because im waiting but im too scared to tell them to hurry up so that might be my fault as well they wake up at 6:00 and i wake up at 6:30 and still beat in getting ready by 6:45 but im learning patience. OH and they plat my hair everynight like a tongan missionary hahaha ouaa!!! so yes my hair will grow longer are you shoreeee but please send my love to everyone especially my ofas to Nana and Papa love them heaps. and if you can just go to the temple this week that would be my commitment for you guys this week i know use are busy but please could you try. Oh and dont worry about my camera thing i will sort it out once i go out on the mission because i cant really go out to the shops on p-days only like one grocery store but thank you though. Love you heaps mum and dad

Love Always Sister Mailangi







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