Month: March 2017

Maganda Hapoon. 24th – 30th Mar 2017

Man thats so crazy reading that because i was talking with Sister Taofi about papa this week about the same exact thing and now to see that papas been having a problem with it is just crazy!!!! Sister Taofi and i are in awe right now!!!!!!!!! but i will make sure to pray for papa i know he has this under control but just for comfort i guess!! But thats cool you guys went to eat umu (i miss tongan food so much) at aunty manakos house she would of loved it!! and thank you for taking the time out to do the commitment, wont lie it is a hard commitment but it really does help you do all the little to make great things come to pass with more heart, and you will really see it change your life!! and trust me ive missed being at home too mum but honestly theres no place i would rather be then where i am right now i couldnt see myself being this happy at home!!! so im missing home but this is MY HOME now mum, and mate i wasnt that challenging as a kid 🙂 haha

this week was so good i learnt so much about myself and about Philippines!! (they dont say the Ph as f they say as P if you know what i mean) well everyday was like any other day in class learning the language has become a little easier way better then before but it is still hard!! we went proselyting this week for the first time this week and man was it such a blessing!!!

SiS Faalogo and I

i got paired up with a Samoan girl from Sydney her name is Sister Faalogo villawood stake im pretty sure, she was my trainer and honestly hands down the best trainer she has 12 weeks or less to go on her mission and hardly spoke any English it was just so good to hear her speak and you can just tell she is throwing herself into this work!! i rode a tricycle for the first time its a guy legit on a bike and we either sit behind him on a chair or inside (and normally should fit 3 australian normal size bodies but here it can fit like 6 people not even lying ive witnessed it myself its crazy) well anyways i actually thought i was going to die because the dude wanted to ride on the other side of the road the hut guy!!

In the tricycle

but we got off and Sister Faalogo thought to bear her testimony and man legit 3 mins she picked up an investigator just from her testimony how crazy is that!! we then went to a discussion with a fellow investigator her name i forgot lol but im pretty sure it was along the lines of Sister Fernadoz actually yeah it is i just cant spell it she is a old lady and lives by herself and man mum when i walked into her house it legit not over exaggerating it was the size of ami’s room her kitchen and bedroom it was so sad, when we walked in i didnt even know i was in a house the roof was like a roof and like the path outside looked excatly like her house inside if that makes sense anyways i went to walk in and Sister Faalogo took off her shoes and honestly in my head i was like oryep im not taking off my shoes thats hut and she had a dog as well so i hell no did i want to be walking in that house with no shoes but i did it anyways mum but it was hard anyways it was such a good lesson we taught about the plan of salvation (plano ng kaligitasan) sister faalogo did most of the work and i just bore my testimony in tagalog but one of our district goals is to invite someone to baptism and so i felt prompted to anyways i did and she said she would pray about it i didn’t even care if she declined i just felt so good saying it. because of old age its hard for her to remember the last lessons taught but she is getting there. Sister Faalogo wanted to take me to the provens side and mum it is so sad the way they live like its just so fakaofa!!! anyways we met three ladys all catholic backgrounds except one i think she was born again christian anyways they were curious of who we were and layunin (purpose) so Sister Faalogo asked if they could have a discussion the next day and they were like oh can we have it now? i was like ok yeah lets have it anyways Sister Faalogo looked at me and said hey you teach whatever you feel prompted to teach and i was like are you sure my tagalog isn’t good and she quickly reminded me to let the spirit be the teacher it speaks many languages so i said yep anyways i felt prompted to teach about the plan of salvation and focus on what our layunin is on earth!! it was a really good lesson and i really learnt alot the spirit was so strong oh and by the way this house is smaller then amis room and has one gas thing a pot and then bed and fan so when we walked in i was already humbled from the first experience so we took our shoes off and just sat on the floor it just got normal to do that now!! but yeah then we went street contacting which was so good and then i was finished but mum i really learnt alot from that experience i really did humble myself like i have so much at home i took for granted while these people are happy enough to have one pot you know its just such a humbling experience!!!
we went to the temple this week and a met a couple from my mission CAYUAN and they were so cool the guy served in samoan speaking mission in wellington new zealand and the girl served here in IloIlo southern part. they said they cant wait for me “to come because they will look after me” when they said that really made me feel at home and im not even there yet you know!! i also met a lady who came from earlwood Sydney to do her husbands baptism for the dead because he had to wait a year and she came all the way to do it for him how sweet is that man!!! but also met little kids who were seven but one really reminded me of anthony its so funny!! like his hair, clothes and confidence too haha it was so funny!!
but yeah thats all that really happened this week im still learning alot about myself and i love it all my 3 weaknesses haha but i miss home so much and i miss both of you mum and dad i will write a commitment when i come back which will probably be 9 or 10 aus time because i need to go do shopping so till then LOVE YOU HEAPS MUM AND DAD!!!

my commitment for this week in which is one of my district goals this week is too be Diligent in your work we are trying to adapt christlike attributes in our work but also individual lives so diligence is one of them so find the meaning fam and put it into work i love you all so much!!!



Maganda Umaga 17th – 23 Mar 2017

IMG_1944Malo lelei  Ongo Matua, Fefe Hake? Yep and thats about how far im going to go haha but thank you for emailing me!! So happy to hear the commitments you guys kept that makes me so happy as a missionary nothing, is so great to get a new investigator and for you guys to help as well doesn’t that make you guys all so happy that your bringing real happiness into someones life through this gospel!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR DOING THAT WHAT A BLESSING!! Tell tu stop giving up on his dad because the Lord didnt give up on tu! Thank you for going to nias endowment she is glowing already and looks so good (but never as good as Sister Luitai lol) yeah she told me about her grandpa so fakaofa i feel sorry for uncle tuai!! send my love to him. Oh and thank you for going to the temple as well magaling 🙂 Im going later on today!


Anyways this week has been an up and down week, the start of the week was really good was just like every other start of the week! The provo batch came last friday so they could go with the Senior Batch and all other missionaries on wednesday and they were so cool to hang out with 6 of them were tongan girls out of the 10 girls that came so we all clicked straight away. One is from Teekiu she knows ipu and oyoy (Sister Latu) and One is from Fua’motu and she knows uncle pita and she was there when papa went for that thing in tonga (Sister Tongi) how crazy is that!!


But i love Sister Tongi she was the only one from the provo batch that actually came from tonga to MTC in provo and i just felt so sorry for her she was in a trio with two palangi’s and they none did heads but man there so lucky she is so nice and humble (thats from her Fua’motu side oua, she said she got homesick all the time because they would recieve letters and packages everyday and she wouldnt, how sad is that!! so honestly if you guys are going to send something to me just send it to her im ok trust me, Sister Tongi and shes serving in Tacloban Mission i feel so fakaofa for her!!

Saying goodbye to Elder Hopoate

the reason why this week was so bad was because i had to say goodbye to my brother this week man it was by far the hardest thing ive ever had to do apart from saying good bye to you guys!! We tried to do everything together for his last week like we were literally always within sight of each other at the temple too we just didnt want to miss out on anything this last week of doing stuff together!!! The last day we didnt have anything together because they probably had a busy schedule being his last day and everything, but we had dinner together and he came and gave me shorts and yep i already started tearing up then but sister taofi quickly clapped me out of it lol but we had physical activity and he had a fireside on so we planned to meet eachother after to say goodbye because he was leaving early morning and wouldnt catch him and we did he came out when i finished and then we had to say goodbye man it was so hard!!! It was so funny though because we looked up at each other before saying bye and saw that we both were tearing up so we cried more haha we honestly couldnt let go of eachother we just kept hugging each other and even our last goodbye he high fived me and we just didnt want to let go!!!

Last activity with Elder Hopoate 

Honestly mum he is not the same boy that left, his testimony is so strong now like everyone in his group say that he is the best teacher out of all of them like they cant even believe it because you know Elder Hopoate and his jokes lol but honestly i was so sad and guttered when i had to say bye to him but he quickly reminded me in a letter that he wrote in my book that everything was going to be okay!! Im going to miss seeing him around, but i know where ever he goes they are so blessed to have him, words cant even describe how proud i am of the change this boy now man has made from the short time being with him here!! Its so funny he wrote ‘Sister Hopoate (because thats better then your one now toks’ haha man i love that kid so much!! he couldnt stop crying the boys from my district were telling me when he went back up to the room!!


but anywaysssssssssss apart from that it was a really good rest of the week i was able to go practice teaching at the temple so my companions and i decided to try and talk to anyone and everyone we meet and honestly we did do that i wasnt even scared as well, i met a girl from micronesa who travelled 7 hours with her family to be sealed with them for all time and eternity!!! i also met a little boy (first little boy ive spoke to) he reminded me so much of Anthony and thats all i kept thinking of while speaking to him, his name is Jaylo didnt really know how to speak english but man made me miss anthony so much!! but yeah my week has been good just trying to do the little things this week in everything i do like studying and that you know. but i can feel all your prayers and thats what gives me strength every single day honestly. we go proselyting on saturday for the first time and everyone has told me to just love it and just keep my mind open because i will witness alot of things so get ready for my email next week lol

Sis Fisiitalia and I

oh nearly forgot remember sister latu i was speaking about (elder taufa’s) cousin well her companion Sister Fisitalia shes from ha’akame came with literally nothing honestly if she was my size i would of given her clothes but shes a big girl, anyways i gave her my bag mum because she didnt even have a bag how fakaofa is that!!!! when i gave it to her she was crying so much because she thought it was too nice to give away (its was just the brown one i bought) but man my heart felt so warm in being able to do that like because i love her like its not like i had to serve her i did it because i wouldnt want anyone especially from my motherland that cant have what i have if that makes sense. so sad saying bye to her she kept crying and saying thank you for mea ofa but honestly felt so good!!!

Anyways How is everyone at home? Hows papa and nana have you heard from them yet? How are you mum and dad? Thank you for working so hard and sacrifices everything for me and my siblings i love you mum and dad so much (ps i didnt use, use) lol My commitment this week is to do everything you do this week with ‘NO REGRETS’ just like you guys im doing that same commitment except im doing it for my whole mission. Mission President really emphasized about the importance of doing things with no regrets especially as a missionary!!! but if everyone could go to school, work, sport, seminary but especially church with no regrets this week that would be great and you guys will love it as well!!

I Love You All so much and always think of you guys be safe!!
Sister Mailangi


ps Send my love to my favourite uncle i didnt forget his birthday and tell him i love him so much!! oh and also theres this sister coming from tonga on friday her name is Sister Mohetau and the girls from tonga were telling me shes from nukunuku lol

10th – 16th March Maganda Hapoon



DCIM100GOPROMum and dad thats good they are loving the pics im not taking much now because im over it haha but thats so good to hear fefin and dia and doing new things anthony aye learning guitar thats mad he must be loving it so much and tell leta to go practice with dia her passing (because we all know how hectic they are) hahaha but please record her next game so i can see it. But how was family home evening on monday? Yeah im trying to spend as much time with elder Hopoate before he leaves and im not too sure about the language because i cant see it but all the MTC teachers and cooks have said that we are the quickest batch they’ve seen thats picked up the language that quick so maybe. But the MTC was really good this week very tiring i wont lie about that im still adjusting like time wise is ok with me its just sitting in a classroom for 3-4 hours and just constantly learning and hearing tagalog, ive learnt alot about myself this week i have discovered one of my not many weaknesses lol which is pride (and yes mum i could just imagine you reading this and saying finally) hoii but yes i did while teaching an investigator i couldnt express my feelings in tagalog so i just sat there being prideful and man i discovered how quick the spirit can disappear but yes im still learning!! you dont understand how much i miss everyone i still think of use everyday especially today it really hit me because we went to the temple early in the morning and i couldnt stop thinking about everyone but especially papa im was so thankful for his example and love for the temple it really hit me hard and then when i went in the celestial room game over!!! lol but that was my spiritual highlight of the week i hope you guys are okay? oh my companions are good there really teaching me patience and love lol weve been late a couple times because im waiting but im too scared to tell them to hurry up so that might be my fault as well they wake up at 6:00 and i wake up at 6:30 and still beat in getting ready by 6:45 but im learning patience. OH and they plat my hair everynight like a tongan missionary hahaha ouaa!!! so yes my hair will grow longer are you shoreeee but please send my love to everyone especially my ofas to Nana and Papa love them heaps. and if you can just go to the temple this week that would be my commitment for you guys this week i know use are busy but please could you try. Oh and dont worry about my camera thing i will sort it out once i go out on the mission because i cant really go out to the shops on p-days only like one grocery store but thank you though. Love you heaps mum and dad

Love Always Sister Mailangi






3rd Mar – 9th Mar 2017